Letters, Tuesday, July 1, 2014

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Friends do not deserve criticism

AS chairwoman, I am writing on behalf of the Friends of Mowbray Park to object to the way we have been derided concerning the Split Festival.

 The Friends Group was set up by the council to safeguard the park and for at least 15 years we have been doing that.

 We have turned up regularly for meetings, often getting cold and wet doing so. We have donated plants, raised and sold plants for fund-raising, promoted the park at the History Fair and other similar events, helped with events and with planting in the park, led guided tours, turned up for photo shoots to publicise council events and achievements, and in particular have met the judges for the Green Flag Award and Northumbria in Bloom to sing the praises of the park.

 We feel strongly that the park is too small to hold such a big event and cannot fail to be damaged in spite of the precautions being taken by the organisers.

 Also, as the people’s park it should be open to all of the people not just those who want to hear the music and are prepared to pay £30 or £50.

 The only parts of the park that will be available for the non-paying public during the two days of the festival will be the lake, the play park and the quarry garden.

 Will the swans, ducks and small birds be so frightened that they fly away forever?

 Why were derogatory comments made about us and not one in support? Have correspondents Fraybentos69, Truthman and Jonw1972 ever done anything for the public good?

Sylvia Smith,

Chairwoman of the Friends of Mowbray Park

Shocking benefits

AFTER watching the TV on Monday, June 23, Britain on Benefits, I was disgusted with how much some people are getting.

 Some of them receive more than £500 and then their rent and council tax is paid as well. I am a single man, working for about £930 a month. Out of that, I have to pay £420 rent and £60 council tax.

  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. One single mother had an iPhone, iPad and two laptops. She even had a car – all thanks to the tax-payer. Some people can’t afford a car and they are working.

 People who work do not get any help at all with living cost.

 The Government just picks on those of us who work.

 So if I had three or more children, would I be able to live on benefits and not have to work ever again?

 Probably not, because they know I would rather work.

 Even drinkers seemed to get extra money to help with their drinking habits.

 Get them all out picking up rubbish from the streets or helping to look after the elderly.

 I would like to see everybody stop working – what would the Government do then?

 There is work out there if you want to work. If people refuse three job offers, then their benefits should be stopped. That’s what I would do.

Michael Cavanagh