Letters, Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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UKIP may be the way forward

IN his letter on December 29, Denis Gillon asked who the Mackems can vote for, now that New Labour no longer represents traditional socialist values and the Conservatives seem to be completely lost.

 True Labour values flew out the window in 1997 when Tony Blair shamelessly courted conservative voters with no thought for his grass roots suporters. Then he opened the borders to create a vast following of immigrants to keep him in power. Up went unemployment, down went our standard of living, up went housing shortages and rents. Down went New Labour in my estimation.

 By appealing to all but his core voters Mr Cameron is trying to do a Tony Blair but can’t even get that right. He is hopelessly lost betwen lady bishops and gay weddings. Could there possibly be a less appealing election manifesto?

 If Mr Gillon and all good Mackems are looking to change they should take some time to watch the UKIP leader Nigel Farage on YouTube. He is crystal clear. “Immigration down, sack quangos, out of the EU, saving about £20 billion per annum,” he says.

 Unlike Cameron, Clegg and Milliband he seems to know what he is talking about and gives the impression that he can be trusted.

William Wise


Newsletter mix up

I WOULD like to say sorry to Coun Porthouse and Dixon as I always like to tell the truth.

 I think I must have got it mixed up with the thousands of pounds the council wastes each year on the community newsletter. The council should use the Sunderland Echo as it is very well read. 

 I am sure councillors would agree, with all the cuts that have to take place, they should start in the civic centre first. It is a total disgrace that they waste £200,000 yearly on union officials sitting inside the civic. The hundreds of thousands of pounds on cars for a selected few and £26,000 on bottled water. The leader states it is their duty to supply drinking water, so is he saying the water comming from our taps is not good enough for them but is all right for the rest of us ?

 I think there are too many councillors. If we had one from each ward just look at the money they could save. They shoud also look at the sickness record at the civic centre. If they were on statutory sick pay like the rest of the city’s workforce that would improve things.

 I try not to be frivolous or misleading as I was brought up to tell the truth, so councillors. So sorry just got a little mixed up with newsletters.

 I look forward to 2013 and hope the council will treat us all the same and not just a selected few.

G Liddle,


Smiles missed

I HEARD of the death of Alex Smiles from one of my pals in Sunderland.

 Alex died on Christmas Eve, but not a lot of people know the Smiles family and their roots.

 As a child, I knew Ganny Smiles who had that tiny little shop where Alex had part of the Smiles reclamation business.

 My mother use drive to Ganny Smiles with her tabs and other things that she sold to the lads at the shipyard.

 What a place, Wellington Lane was during the Second World War and Ganny Smiles was one of the women who kept the home fires burning by supplying the lads with their tabs and sarnies.

 Alex went to the Junior Tech, which was in Villiers Street. He just loved technical stuff. Tom Smith was his maths master who really got him interested in the practical side of mathematics.

 He went to London to become an academic at an excellent business school. Like most students, Alex was short of the lolly so he started to mend scrap cars. So started his business of reclamation which has grown into the business of today.

 This journey was not without problems nor without help, which he got from his wife Jane.

 Jane was a good tennis player and a clever lass. She played for Junior Wimbledon and met Alex at a tournament at Ashbrooke.

 I met Jane, before I met Alex, at Ashbrooke. To be honest, I wasn’t very good at sport but I enjoyed it. Jane and Alex were great encouragers and they took me under their wing. In a difficult part of my life, they took me into their home, even on Christmas Day.

 They will always have a place in my heart.

 The two lads, Stuart and John, take over the reins, not only of the business but of the Smiles and Laughter that this family bring into people’s lives.

 God bless them

Little Billy Craggs

Shame on you

MRS Crute wrote a nasty, vicious letter about the Royal Family.

 It’s not their fault the nurse at the King Edward VII Hospital committed suicide. The woman clearly had mental health issues, and tried to harm herself on previous occasions.

 Kate will probably have this nurse’s death on her conscience for a long time, even though it was no fault of hers, especially when the birth of her first child should be a happy time.

 Shame on you Mrs Crute.

Henry Whipple,

Coach Road Estate,