Letters, Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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Unemployment is at a 25-year low

​M MCARDLE has chosen an inopportune time to attack the Government on the same day the Echo published another piece on more jobs coming to Sunderland(Echo Letters, Jan 1).There are now 15,000+ new private sector jobs in Sunderland, all created since 2010.

 The Council’s own figures show unemployment in Sunderland at a 25-year low. Employment in the UK is at a record high.

 If the writer is proposing we return to a Labour government he is wrong to think it will benefit Sunderland.

 M Mcardle should read Labour MP Ian Lavery’s comments about the Labour party’s elite in Westminster “who look down on working class supporters in the North East”.

 He went on to say “We’ve got an elite in Westminster which, quite frankly, frightens me. They haven’t been anywhere or done anything and when you have an accent like mine they think well that man does not really know too much.”

 Party of the people?

Alan Wright,

High Barnes.

Socialists always ruin the economy

POOR Ged Taylor, labouring under the misapprehension that people vote Conservative because they read the Daily Mail or Daily Express (Echo Letters, December 31). Allow me to disabuse him.

 Millions of people vote for the Conservatives because they know that Socialism is a middle class invention and that working people cannot afford it.

 My late father used to say that you had to be rich to be a Socialist: You only have to look at the privately educated millionaire Labour front bench to see how true that is. Those who advocate a Labour Government this year, just take a look across the channel at France and the mess they have created over there, so much so that London is now the sixth largest French speaking city.

 That is the trouble with Socialist governments; they always ruin the economy. They always have, they always do, and they always will.

J Watson,


Be happy you live near a hospital

SOME folk are never happy.

I refer to the residents in the streets surrounding the hospital in Chester Road.

 A fortune has been spent on a multi-storey car park (pictured) and road marking and still these people complain. The point is the Hospital was there before the home owners so surely with hindsight they could have foreseen the problems with parking?

 However, if any of these people take ill and require a ambulance I am sure they will be pleased that they are on the doorstep.

 It’s about time they stopped moaning and were grateful that we have a good hospital.

Either that or move.

Mick ‘The Pen’ Brown