Letters, Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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We should be training our own

THE letters from Mr Scott and Mr Taylor (January 16)made the point that many doctors and nurses are immigrants.

 Why are we failing to train our young people for those jobs?

 Are you in denial that this country is over-populated, that we do not have enough space on this small island for all the housing, extra schools, health care etc. that is needed because we are so overrun?

 Years ago when immigration was very reasonable, acceptable immigrants did do a lot of good here.

 Now, because we are economically stable we are like a magnet to people from unstable countries.

 We have no control over immigration and our benefit system has given people with large families mansion houses with free rent, food and schooling and yes, the ‘World’ Health Service, so this country is facing ruination.

 I can tell you that many people have agreed with the points in my letters and I mix in a wide society. I get comments such as “you hit the nail right on the head”.

 I reckon that Mr Scott and Mr Taylor will find that very few people agree with their views.

Marjorie Matthews,


Changes rarely benefit workforce

THE latest Government attack on trade unions smacks of Margaret Thatcher.

 At the time of the Falklands war, she was the only man in the cabinet, the rest, along with the Labour party were totally spineless.

 A Chamberlainesque attitude of appeasement.

 However, her ruthless attacks on the trade unions, particularly the NUM.

 However, on the face of it, the percentage of votes and turnout in order to validate a ballot seem reasonable, it opens the door for further legislation which may not be so reasonable.

 As an ex-shop steward, as a rule of thumb, whenever management came up with proposal to change some agreement, which seemed to benefit the workforce, I always looked for the worst possible outcome and usually this was their real intention.

J Jones,


Grindon Hall is a lovely school

I AM appalled that Grindon Hall is having such a hard time.

 My children went there (before it was a free school) and had a wonderful education.

 The same teachers are still there and I am most surprised at the Ofsted report.

 As a parent, I was deeply involved with the school and admired everything it did.

 I am pleased that the parents are supporting the school in such a good way.

 I give my whole hearted support to the school, parents, and the pupils.

 Keep up the good work.

Andrea Outram,