Letters, Tuesday, January 2, 2013

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Councillor right to slam revamp plans

I REFER to the report by Sue Kirby headlined Tory slams revamp plan.

 Coun Peter Wood is right in his judgement that Sunderland plans for a modern “gateway” to the city lack foresight and vision, but he fails to offer any alternative to enable reasonable access, not just for pedestrians, but for any other form of transport to the Vaux site. (The lowering of St Mary’s Way was proposed by Tesco planners in 2006 and deemed to be completely impractical)

 For there to be any possibility of “connectivity” of the Vaux site with the city’s commercial area, then the implementation of an amended Blue Route option new bridge from the north side of the Vaux site to the Stadium of Light area is absolutely essential.

 The only feasible plan to remove the traffic bottlenecks called the Wearmouth and Queen Alexandra bridges is to build a link road from the south radial road, directly to the Gill Bridge ravine via the north side of the Vaux site. Then a road crossing at Gill Bridge leading directly to Sunderland’s central ring road at Beach Street will connect to the Metro rail underpass and the Green route bridge option.

 By shunting most of east to west road traffic via a sensible strategic transport corridor around the Vaux site and the planned Farringdon Row development, reasonable access for pedestrians with the rest of the town centre is possible.

 With the restoration of Matlock Street as a main public right of way, 21st-Century levels of motor transport will be catered for, with more parking space adjacent to the St Mary’s car park. For a prosperous city centre, lots of free parking is really necessary.

 When you consider that the new Northside Workington bridge was opened last month at a cost of £11million, then the waste of £120million on the “Iconic” bridge monstrosity approved by the DfT is in stark contrast to the possible two useful bridges which could be built at Claxheugh (Green route)and at the Vaux site (True Blue route ).

 They could both be built at much less than £120million. The taxes could be put to better use.

Ron McQuillan

Animals need care

I ALSO rang the RSPCA about the young tethered horse at Usworth, but received a very different reply.

 I was told by the lady who answered that her only concern was that the tether of 10 to 12 foot was too long, as the horse could become tangled up. I pointed out that it was freezing, and she said they’re outdoor animals and develop thicker coats in winter, using the Dartmoor ponies as an example (except Dartmoor ponies can move around to keep circulation going and huddle together or look for shelter, or even run away if alarmed, afraid or threatened, which this animal cannot do).

 Also is feeding it once every couple of days correct, and what about water?

 I pointed out that I thought horses were social animals and what of this animal’s mental health due to its isolation (no doubt, if it develops problems of nervousness etc, it could end up being destroyed). The lady agreed, but said that they could do nothing about that. So what is the law regarding this practise?

 My view is that it should be compulsory by law for anybody owning any animal, to be required to prove they can properly care for that animal in providing the correct care, time and expenditure required for that specific animal.

 Too many people own animals which end up in misery and pain because of thoughtless, lazy, ignorant or bullying owners.

Name and address supplied

Spectacular show

THE Andre Rieu’s concert at Newcastle Arena was more of a spectacular than a concert.

 My friends and I were there and agree with everything your reporter said about the show. The beautiful gowns the ladies of the orchestra wore, all fantastic music – Ravel’s Bolero, Lara’s Theme from Dr Zhivago, and of course my favourite Messum Dorma sang beautifully, and not forgetting Strauss Waltzes, which my friends and I enjoyed dancing to.

 Unfortunately, my friends and I missed the last Metro train at 11.20pm to Sunderland.

 We are now planning our trip to Maastrict in Holland in July to see Andre in his home town with his wonderful orchestra.

Mrs Ada Inskipp and friends,

Hylton Road,

A lovely meal

WE would just like to express our thanks for the lovely meal, presents and atmosphere which was provided by Space (St Peter’s Action and Community Enterprise) on Wednesday, December 19.

 The team which puts it all together deserves a pat on the back. Well done and thanks.

Mrs M Lane,

Howick Park

No to gay marriage

THE Honorable Mr Cameron made no mention of same sex marriage in his electoral manifesto.

 There was no mention in the Queen’s speech plus no consultation allowed in a Green or White paper.

 Mr Cameron has decided to dictate on this issue, please write to him objecting to his dictatorship on same sex marriage.

J Weaver

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