Letters, Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

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Mosque protest bad reflection on city

IN response to Friday, January 13th’s front page story and appalling mosque field reference.

I am indeed very disappointed that the Sunderland Echo chose to print this as front page news and represent a small-minded minority of Sunderland inhabitants who wish to deny Sunderland Muslims the opportunity to have a legitimate place of worship in the city, when every other major religion is catered for.

This reflects very badly against Sunderland, as other UK cities have established mosques, synagogues, sikh temples and churches already.

The truth of the matter is Millfield is run down and this initiative and investment would benefit local businesses and its multi-ethnic community.

Tracy Featherstone,

Big thank-you

EVERYONE at Farringdon Detached FC would like to thank all customers, staff and management at Morrisons, Doxford Park, who were very generous and kind with donations, when our football club did its recent bag packing in the store on Friday, December 23.

A big thank you must go to Phil Gledhill (store general manager) who made it possible for our club to do the bag packing.

Our club made the great sum of £1,060 on the day, which will be a great help towards the cost of our end-of-season trophies.

Once again, thank you very much for the kind donations.

Ian Stewart, club chairman, Farringdon Detached FC

Praise for Martin

I WAS so pleased I took my Sunderland Echo with me when I was undergoing tests in Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital, for several hours completing the sudoku and quick crossword.

But I especially thought how sweet the sound of happy words of the sports pages featuring Sunderland beating Manchester City. Now to demolish Wigan tonight I thought, which we did in style.

Martin really is the king of the Black Cats and long may he reign, giving such gutsy performances.

O’Neill certainly has the win factor. His enthusiasm is the highest since Bobby Stokoe in 1973 which stays in our red and white hearts forever.

We’ll win again, I know where, don’t know when.

Jimmy Chambers, Durham Avenue, Donwell, Washington

Christmas delight

ON Wednesday, December 14, a coach took some residents of the tower blocks in the city centre to the Christmas Village at Gretna Green.

We had a meal at William Jamesons, what a great day.

I would like to thank Gentoo Aspire Grant. This helped greatly towards the day. Thank you also to the staff at William Jamesons and Ian our coach driver, from County Coaches, who was great.

Rose Thompson, chairwoman, Astral House, Sunderland

Allowance gripes

DID anyone notice in the Echo, on January 5, on Page 62, it showed our councillors’ allowances, most of them on £6,000-£8,000, except our council leader on £37,777 and deputy leader on £25,111.

What do these councillors really do for this amount of money?

Most people only see them when they come around at election time wanting your vote.

There was a time when councillors served Sunderland as a privilege, on expenses only.

We are forever being told it’s the cuts and tighten our belts.

Just so you know where to put your X when voting time comes around, otherwise nothing is going to change for the better.

D.J. Wright, Appley Terrace, Roker

Africa trip views

SO the council leaders are off to Africa to drum up business for the town.

The Africans will take one look at the barren Vaux site, a town full of cafes, charity shops and buskers on every corner, then look at the wasted seafront (mind, still beautiful) and say you’re having a “giraffe” aren’t you, your town is in a worse state than ours.

Another waste of our tax money, I think.

Billy Burlinson, Eglington Tower, Sunderland

End of ship saga

THE Adelaide saga has died down and, sorry to say, thank goodness.

If the town had achieved the purchase of it, specialist personnel would have had to be involved in getting it into a presentable order. I doubt if many such skilled personnel are local.

However, a more feasible scheme may be the purchase and refit of an SD14 ship (with a Doxford engine) as a floating museum and a proud testament to the skills of Sunderland’s shipbuilders. (Such skills and knowledge which are still around in this region.) There are quite a few SD14s still around and would cost a lot less than the Adelaide.

Ray Findlay and Mrs A. Owen, Balmoral Crescent, Houghton