Letters, Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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Economy claims are propaganda

THE recent comment by Mr J Watson claiming Labour governments always ruin the economy, is too absurd to be taken seriously.

 Nevertheless, wild statements like this need to be challenged so people can separate the truth from Tory propaganda.

 Under Labour, in 2007, the budget deficit was just three per cent. Then, like every other Government at the time, ours had to pour money into the banks to save the banking systems from collapsing completely.

 That’s why the figure rose to a peak of 11.6 per cent in 2009/10, because of £68billion spent on bank bailouts plus £850billion extended for loan guarantees, liquidity schemes and asset protection provision. Even so, by mid 2010, the nation’s debt had risen 77 per cent in comparison to 75 per cent in Germany, 84 per cent in France and 93 per cent in the US. These figures show that Labour overspending is a fallacy circulated by the Tories.

 Mr Watson seems to have forgotten that until 2007 Labour’s annual spend did not exceed Thatcher’s lowest annual spend in eight of her 11 years. It only rose after 2007 because of the bank bailouts and the recession. The main cause for the deficit was the recession which caused a slump in investment.

 This led to a dramatic fall in tax revenues. From 1997 tax revenues grew at an average rate of 5.6 per cent a year. On this trend, without a recession, tax would have reached £612billion in 2009/10, compared with actual Treasury figure of £498billion. This tax shortfall represented three quarters of the entire budget deficit.

 Labour had done well in keeping the national debt down, which it inherited from a Tory Government, while investing billions in public services and the NHS. A financial burden which the Tories have no intention of having.

W Quinn

Politicians need to be sent a message

IN his letter of January 8, Mr Mcardle condemns the Government’s handling of the NHS.

 Even if all the things the Government was being blamed for were true, given that Labour controlled the Welsh NHS which is in greater crisis, why would anyone trust either party?

 Isn’t it a fact, that Labour politicians are just as eager to pass blame onto someone else?

 Mr Mcardle seems to forget, that the last time Labour was in power it almost brought this country to its knees.

 Other issues were failure to invest in the boom years, PPI, open door immigration, Human Rights legislation, one could go on.

 Yet we face the same Marxist, ideological driven agendas under Ed Miliband. Could we actually survive five years of divisive politics?

 The super, rich Labour elite, sitting in their ivory towers, will be fine. The rest of us will not.

 If any of the three main parties get into power, nothing will change, which is why, come May, we can send them a message, that their time is nearly up.

M Brown,


Footy supporters are doing their bit

AT his press conference subsequent to Sunderland’s unacceptable performance against Liverpool, Gus Poyet called for the fans to be realistic and patient.

 There was no mention of an apology to the supporters for an abject performance, aided and abetted, by his own negative tactics and poor substitutions.

 Gus, more than 90,000 fans paid good money to see two pathetic performances in the last two home league matches against Hull and the scousers, only to see SAFC lose both with zilch entertainment into the bargain.

 As always the supporters are doing their bit and deserve far more.

 Their loyalty is amazing in relation to the continuing lack of success and constant struggle.

Tom Lynn