Letters Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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AS January comes to an end, I fondly remember a famous singer that once sang: “And so this is Christmas, what have you done?”

AS January comes to an end, I fondly remember a famous singer that once sang: “And so this is Christmas, what have you done?”

 Apparently, we have swelled the coffers of the moneyed folk with even more money, judging by the headlines, thereby promoting the message that Christmas is more commercial than Christian.

 However, for many people it is still all about the birth of Jesus.

 As I wander around Sunderland in the aftermath of this celebration, I hear lots of offspring saying that they received an apple in their stocking.

 I wondered if this is to do with our modern society, as when I was a wee bit younger, we would get a tangerine and maybe some nuts as a sort of filler to the main present.

 I thought, there must be a deeper underlying reason for this and as I went shopping I found out why.

 Tangerines have vanished from the greengrocers, supermarket and even the humble market trader because farmers cannot raise a pipless strain.

 I wonder if they have been taken off the market because of health and safety reasons?

Alan, The Quill, Vincent,

Old Penshaw

City is a shambles

I DO not know Cyril Brown, but I and everyone I speak to agrees with just about everything he said in his recent letter.

 From the closures of fire and police stations, to Government offices leaving the centre of town and the deafening silence of

this council.

 And as for all the ‘watch this space’ signs seen around the city – there are just too many empty spaces to watch.

 The whole city centre, including roads and the infrastructure is a shambles.

Ed Staite

Cutting Royal cloth

HERE we go again. I can still hear David Cameron and George Osbourne demanding it’s not the rich or poor, we’re all in this together – I don’t think so.

 We now read the Queen’s spending our hard-earned taxes like it’s going out of fashion.

 Not satisfied with the massive amounts of money she receives, she overspent by £2.3million last year.

 Now Parliament has stepped in and told her to tighten her belt.

 The last time Parliament tried to curb the spending of the monarchy it was Charles I in 1642. He took it badly and his actions led to the English civil war.

 I can’t see the Queen going to war with Parliament, as she knows only too well that she and the rest of her family are on easy street.

 She is not going to give that up for the sake of a couple of million.

 There will be just enough concessions to keep the Government happy and the plebs quiet.

Ged Taylor,


What a great show

THANKS to all concerned for the great time we had at the Hetton School pantomime on January 22.

 It was a great big laugh from beginning to end.

 Hope you have another one soon

E Phillips