Letters, Tuesday, February 3, 2015

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Lot of unfairness over concessions

HAS Ralph Arnold, of Seaham, been taking lessons from Mr Brown?

 He claims buses should charge concessionary card carrying passengers 50p a time for a journey instead of the council taxpayer. This would cost the poor quite a bit of money per week and I do not think a lot of folk could afford it, myself included.

 However he neglected to mention that the Department for Transport provides a special grant to local authorities to pay for the statutory concession.

 I only received my card a few years ago due to osteo-arthritis in my joints, which greatly curtails my movement. While awaiting confirmation for my pass, a young lad commented on my bad walking and asked ‘have you got your pass mate?’ to which I replied no, whereupon he related to me the news that he had had his for about six years due to his asthma. I have had asthma since 1982 due to working with paint and no one told me I could have a pass.

 Where I do agree with Mr Arnold is that a lot of people do take advantage of the system.

 I have seen young men running like Linford Christie, one lad I well remember was actually carrying carrier bags full of tins of beer in either hand and then, after literally jumping on the bus, pulled out a concessionary bus pass and plonked it on the machine.

 Why did I have to wait 30 years for mine?

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent,

Old Penshaw

Sick of selfish and ignorant people

AS a disabled person and mother of a disabled son, I am sick and tired of selfish, ignorant abled bodied people using disabled parking spaces without displaying a blue badge, or indeed using a family member’s badge when they are not present.

 Can I make a money making suggestion for Sunderland Council?

 Employ one person to issue tickets to these people, especially in retail shopping areas in and around Sunderland and I will guarantee this will generate much needed funds for the council.

 A certain supermarket now employs a parking attendant, who quite rightly issues tickets and this has had a major impact enabling parking bays to be used for those who they are intended for.

Name withheld

Donation is big help to project

THANKS to Brothers in Arms for the generous donation to St Peter’s Court supported accommodation for ex-service personnel.

 The funding will enable management to support homeless ex-service personnel purchase clothing, food, electric and transport cost.

 Without support from external charities and agencies the project would not be able to continue supporting ex-service personnel.

 Thank you again from all the ex-service personnel and staff at St Peters Court, Sacriston, County Durham.

Tony Hammond,

Project Manager