Letters, Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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Why do we need sign to Germany?

SO Roker’s “To Germany Sign” (Echo, February 2) has been replaced with a new one – big deal!

 The original white post has been painted black and gold. The article goes on to say “and now more accurate than ever before” but to what purpose? How accurate does it need to be?

 Councillor John Kelly, cabinet member for culture, said: “It’s really important that it’s there.” Why? Will German tourists never be able to find their way home if it wasn’t?

 The new sign is part of a £5million regeneration scheme. Two years ago £7million was spent on Sunderland Central Railway Station, but no public toilets were put in!

 The last we heard, through this very newspaper, was that the station is to be demolished.

 I sincerely hope that Sunderland gets more “Bang for its Buck” with this £5million. But if this tuppeny-halfpenny sign is anything to go by, then I do not think so.

R Tomlinson,


Library is excellent

REGARDING the article on the proposed closure of the central library. The idea is preposterous, the building is well used and very much needed.

 I meet with a group of writers each Monday. We may not be professional but we are still good and at present working on our second anthology. Lots of people use the library – it is excellent.

 For Terry Deary’s information the library is more than just a “home” for books, it is a warm, friendly place where people can meet together. Being central it is accessible to all. The staff are polite, helpful and friendly.

 Years ago when I lived in the south, I was privileged to be PA to a very talented author who taught me a great deal. When he produced a newspaper, I had the joy of writing a column, eventually having a complete page. All my research was done in the local library – invaluable.

 Incidentally, not everyone has the internet or event want to “download”.

 If, by any chance, the central library is closed, do we get a reduction in our council tax? What is going to happen to all the people who work in the library? Are they going to be cast away? They have all become our friends.

 I urge the council to think very carefully. Remember you could each be depending on our votes sometime.

 For heavens sake don’t rob the population of Sunderland of their library, the way they have been robbed of the beautiful ship, The Adelaide.

Audrey Forster

A bustling town

I WAS born and spent my childhood in The Avenue, Ashbrooke.

 In summer when hardly anyone owned a car, the street was full of them. Teams from England, India, West Indies all playing at Ashbrooke, people coming from miles away to watch the games.

 I remember searchlights, cannon and rifle fire, soldiers in period uniform putting on great military tattoos.

 Seaburn on hot summer days, a boating lake, a miniature railway which was always full of passengers. There was the fairground with big dipper, helter-skelter, the lot.

 Roker Park at night was all lit up – strange shadows dancing in the illuminated coves. There was stream with a little waterfall, little people and a crocodile and a brass band on the park bandstand.

 On Remembrance Day, the mayor and local dignitaries took the salute on the town hall steps. New Year’s Eve people raced against the town hall clock. There were fairgrounds on the garrison field and at Cumberland St, Hendon.

 If my memory serves me right – this was Sunderland. What has happened? Not progress ‘cos there hasn’t bee any.

Name and address supplied

A clean licence

I WAS shocked to read the letter from Mick The Pen about elderly drivers in which he made out that everyone over the age of 70 was practically incapable of being able to drive.

 He then went on to claim that all OAPs flout the drink-driving laws. It was quite a disgraceful attack on the OAPs of Wearside.

 This Pen character assumes that all pensioner motorists are sitting on cushions and cannot even see over the steering wheel. He makes out we are all “ga ga”.

 Well I am nearly 80. I have had a licence for over 50 years and it’s clean. I have many friends in a similar position.

 It’s the younger motorists who drive fast and break the drink-drive laws.

 If Mick the Pen read the Echo more he would see that this is true and correct.

Mr J Appleton,

St Lukes Road

Search for cousin

I AM looking for my cousin Graeme Copeland,

 I know he lived abroad but believe he is back in England. As this will be my last trip to Sunderland, I would love to get in touch before I return to Oz.

 My name was Val Lawrence, our email address is valuist@bigpond.com.

 I will be in Sunderland early March.

Val Chivers