Letters, Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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Politicians should be more honest

CAN we please have some honesty from our polictical parties in the letters pages?

 Locally, what really gets my goat is the attempt by local Tories to claim Nissan’s arrival in Sunderland is down to Margaret Thatcher.

 We all know from recent revelations that Mrs Thatcher lied about how many pits she wanted to close at the time of the miners’ strike. Also, while one of her Ministers had succeeded in arranging a deal for a Greek shipbuilder to take over the Sunderland shipyards, she had already signed documents for their closure.

 Her supporters are also wrong in their claims that it was down to her that Nissan is in Sunderland. She did play a great part in getting Nissan interested in setting up a plant in Britain but she favoured Swindon.

 As a former employee of the then Borough of Sunderland, I am well placed to put the record straight. Securing Nissan was down to a lot of hard work by the council, particularly the then Leader of the Council, Charles Slater, and the council’s economic development team, led by Tom Hirst, together with the chief planner of the former Washington Development Corportation, Ed Robson.

 Nationally, the mess we are in is due to the international financial crash that no one saw coming, including the Bank of England and the former Financial Services Authority.

 Yes, humility from Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling, Ed Miliband and Ed Balls would be in order, but, at the time that the crash was about to happen, George Osbourne was calling for further deregulation of the banks.

 Can we also have some honesty from the Conservatives that the hole in Britain’s finances is largely due to the money spend in rescuing the banks?

 I would also like the Labour Party to publicly admit that Tony Blair was wrong in sending our troops into Iraq and the LibDems to admit that they were wrong to renege on their pre-election promise not to increase university tuition fees.

 We need honesty restoring to politics.

Rod Hepplewhite,

Hastings Hill

Absolute shambles

I AND many people I have spoken to agree with just about everything Cyril Brown mentioned in his recent letter.

 From the closures of fire and police stations, to the Government offices leaving the centre of city, to the deafening silence of this council.

 As for ‘watch this space’ signs, there are just too many empty spaces to watch.

 The whole city centre, including roads and infrastructure is an absolute shambles.

Ed Staite

Not good service

INTERESTING to read that good estate agents do actually exist in Sunderland (February 12).

 My past experience has been a downright, unprofessional service. My advice would be a simple – don’t.

 Good luck to Jill Moore, you deserve to succeed where others fail miserably.

R Hall and family,

Red House