Letters, Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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Fascism was not top of the list

GED Taylor (February 3) is wrong in his belief that the Second World War was about fighting fascism.

 Two great uncles, two grandfathers and two uncles of mine were involved in every theatre of the war, and not one of them ever mentioned fascism.

 In their minds, they fought the Italians, Japanese, and the Nazis.

 As for Churchill, yes he may have been privileged, he also made many mistakes, but would any other politician of that time have been able to unite the country as he did?

 There was certainly no Labour politician with the personality, or determination able to command the same respect.

 All my relatives spoke highly of Churchill and they would have gladly laid down their lives for what he was trying to achieve.

 As for the Tonypandee miners, Mr Taylor is guilty of repeating the socialist lie that Churchill intended using troops to subdue the striking men.

 Firstly, it was because of widespread looting by these men that the Chief Constable of Glamorgan was unsure whether the men at his disposal would be enough to control the situation.

 Secondly, it was Churchill, as then Home Secretary, who initially prevented the troops that had been requested going any further than Swindon, instead, he sent London police in their place.

 A further request from the same Chief Constable led to Churchill sending a small detachment of troops to Cardiff, where they were placed under his control as a last resort.

 The fact that they were eventually deployed had nothing to do with Churchill, and I believe they treated the rioting miners with greater leniency than the local police.

M Brown

Alarm bells ringing

THE cost of the elections has skyrocketed, driving both parties even deeper into the pockets of those with money – corporations and the super-rich.

 This in turn makes political representatives become even more beholden to those who paid for their victories.

 One consequence is that by now, the poorest 70 per cent of the population has literally no influence over policy. As you move up the income and wealth ladder, influence increases and at the very top – a tiny percent – the masters get what they want.

 No, this not Euan Tipe talking about the 2015 elections in Britain, but Noam Chomsky talking about the American elections in 2013.

 Alarm bells should be ringing.

Euan E Tipe,


Two sides to story

I WOULD like to thank the Fulwell fire station for their efficiency in helping with my smoke alarms.

My daughter called in to query a problem I was having and they came down and sorted out it out for me straightaway.

Mr K Lay,

Seaburn Dene