Letters, Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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Grindon unit is very much needed

AS highlighted in the Echo on November 20, the NHS is planning to close Grindon minor injuries unit and a consultation is ongoing involving users.

 What should be taken into account is that this unit is about five miles from Seaham.

 Seaham has a newly-open (or should I say closed?) Urgent Care Unit. It’s closed at weekends, likewise the doctor’s surgery and chemist. When seriously ill, residents call NHS Direct for help. They are directed to make their own way to Peterlee Urgent Care Unit, 10 miles away.

 First assessment can take two hours, whereupon an ambulance is used to take patients to Sunderland Royal Hospital, about 40 minutes away. Had NHS Direct sent the patient to Grindon and then an ambulance is needed the hospital is about 10 to15 minutes away – time costs lives.

 Patients may need prescribed drugs urgently but the Peterlee computers cannot talk to the patient’s own doctor’s computers to see drug history. Without this, drugs can not be prescribed, resulting in the patient trying to get an urgent appointment with their own doctor on the Monday.

 When I last called an ambulance from Seaham I was told it would take an hour to arrive, when I called Sunderland it took four minutes.

 A doctor admitted a patient in Seaham at 3.20pm by non-urgent ambulance to Sunderland Royal. It arrived near midnight having been sent from Stanley.

 The latest news from Sunderland Royal is that the patients food is excellent but the basic television package costs £30 for five days.

 A patient discharged from Sunderland Royal at 3am pays a taxi fare of £19 to Seaham but can only claim a bus fare of £4.80, saving the NHS the cost of a bed, perhaps the full travel cost should be paid out of the hospital car park charges? At 9am the same patient was re-admitted to hospital. Unless Seaham Urgent Care Unit opens 24/7, Grindon must remain in service. Seaham residents need it.

G White,


A shabby building

I HAVE a question for Tahir Khan. What will happen to his place of worship in Chester Road when his mosque in Millfield is built?

 It is rather a shabby building painted green and white with dirty curtains at the windows. It is an area surrounded by pristine and much admired university buildings.

 One hopes the new Mosque doesn’t go the same way as the old one.

Mrs J Munro,


A laughing stock

WHAT a farce, it could only happen in this country. British lawyers getting well paid to fight for the human rights of a terrorist.

 Of course Abu Qatada doesn’t want to leave, he knows when he’s well off and how soft the British are for other people’s human rights, not ours. We must be the laughing stock of the legal profession.

A Pollitt,


Cover that behind

NOW me being an old man – at least I’m a clean one – I do still appreciate what they (today’s young bucks) call a bit of eye candy (yes I’m still with it).

 Preferably, that is the more refined type of bloke, a girl with some clothes on as it leaves a bit, the best bit, to the imagination.

 To my utter disgust, girls of all ages and sizes have begun to show their derrieres, or whatever you call the rear end. Not in any attractive way but just showing the top of it, complete with a tattoo, or tramp stamp as my trendy daughter informs me. Ugh!

 The thought that comes to my mind is Billy Connolly’s comment that the only use for the bottom is to push the front wheel of your bike into it when parking up.

 Only navvies on building sites are supposed to show off their behinds, which is fair enough I suppose, so these girls must not be able to imagine the effect they are having on refined delicate men like myself.

 It’s awful. Admirers are turned off when this sight comes into view.

 Come on girls, you can do better. If I can make a suggestion, why not try wearing a onesie, (info supplied by a marra) this being a one piece not unlike an overall?

 It seems to be that the girls who shouldn’t wear the least – do.

 So can I make a plea to all those folks, boys and girls, to cover up, wear a vest to hide your modesty and make an old man happy.

A Wilkinson

Give credit to city

I find it very sad when local people are so disparaging to the City of Sunderland.

 In the two page article on swimming, it stated that before 2005, Sunderland swimmers were training in an “algae covered hut”.

The writer of the article should have visited Hetton and Washington swimming pools. The staff have always been so helpful and pleasant and the pools, of course, kept in excellent hygienic conditions.

 No wonder some of the folk in other parts of the country, think those of us living in the North live in past ages.

 We have excellent swimming pools, lovely parks and a super coastline.

 Please give Sunderland the credit it deserves”.

Mrs P Anne Farrow