Letters, Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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Fears over cash funds for charities

RE: Councillor Peter Wood’s letter on November 22.

 Unity Organisation’s primary concerns are community cohesion, safer communities and supporting the disadvantaged and disabled. Our doors are, and always have been, open to all.

 Vera Baird visited our offices and laid out her plans for the Police and Crime Commissioner (P&CC) role. The same option was available for the Conservative and other candidate.

 However, we did not receive any communication from the Conservative candidate, leaving us with the impression that they neither cared for us as a charity, nor supported our goals for community cohesion.

 It is satisfying to hear that our social media campaign and electronic newsletters have reached a wide audience. This is good for democracy – another reason why we encouraged everyone to use their voice via the ballot box. We hope that we have contributed to the voting turnout of 16.45 per cent for Northumbria.

 We are now deeply concerned for charities in Sunderland after Councillor Wood’s statement that: “Presumably he won’t be expecting my support in future for applications from his organisation for financial support!”

 Councillor Wood is making a clear statement that his concerns are not for social cohesion, dealing with deprivation or creating safer communities but purely with vicious political partisanship which will tear communities apart.

 Has Councillor Wood always only supported organisations in this manner? Will he only sit on management committees of charities/organisations with the same partisan and divisive views?

 His statement seems clear that he has only approved funding based on organisations supporting the Conservative party. Has this destroyed the social good that was intended by the Community Chest and Sunderland Safer partnership funding?

 Perhaps an enquiry into how Councillor Wood has been making his financial decisions should be entered into and an independent audit carried out to ensure that he has not torn apart our community with political favouritism at a time when so many are feeling the crushing effect of austerity.

Tahir Khan

Chairman of Unity

Cheers to tax

I CAME across a pile of magazines that I had neglected for some period of time and selected one for a casual perusal. I came across a little piece of writing entitled “Number crunching” and what I read surprised me greatly.

 It started off by stating that £10.7billion is the amount bankers will contribute to public coffers in bank levy over the next five years.

 Admirable, I thought. It just goes to show that they are not greedy bankers and that they pay their way and should be commended on the amount they pay towards the country.

 However, as I read on it soon appeared that I had been hasty in my congratulations to the bankers.

 The second paragraph stated £52.9billion is the amount drinkers will contribute to public coffers in bank levy over the next five years which brings me to a totally different conclusion as to who contributes to Great Britain’s coffers.

 For as you know it is mostly the working class that go out for a drink in our dwindling number of hostelries and as a result chip in with over five times more than the rich bankers, who buy the odd bottle of champers.

 And what does our “wonderful” Government do? Bring in a 45p minimum price per unit so the poor spend more.

 Which goes to prove that even though we, the poor and working class provide more money to the Government’s reserves than the rich do we still have to increase our funding while the rich still get richer.

 After all that I think I shall pop next door for a refreshing ale or two.

Alan “The Quill” Vincent,

Old Penshaw

Waste of money

THE law according to our Government is that prisoners do not get the vote. The EU says prisoners will get the vote. If anyone is in any doubt who rules the UK the answer will be simple.

 Wait and see if it will be passed that they will get the vote, then you will know if having more than 600 MPs in our so-called Government is a good idea.

 Is it our Government or being in the EU that is a massive waste of our money?

Marjorie Matthews,


Where is the WC?

SO, we’re very protective of our heritage here in Sunderland (December 12).

 So what happened with the ship, the City of Adelaide?

 Front page headlines for a missing sign pointing to Germany? It will be on News at Ten next!

 If they are going to put up signs in Sunderland it should be signs with the letters WC on and pointing the way. It won’t take many signs because there are not that many.

 Other cities have them, why not Sunderland? Or do they intend to make Sunderland WC free?

Mr R Tomlinson,