Letters, Tuesday, August 8th, 2012

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‘People of Millfield let down by council’‘People of Millfield let down by council’

WITH reference to the Echo headline on August 1, Go-ahead is given to Millfield mosque, 
I attended the planning meeting, sitting in the public gallery 
with about 35 other people on July 31.

After listing to various local people expressing their very real concerns and fears about the proposed site of the mosque, council leader Paul Watson stood up and told the sub-committee they needed to decide on the facts presented to them (by the planners), not about what or may not happen, or the fears people may have.

I may be wrong, but I thought that when making important decisions like this, the council should be listening to the justified concerns and fears of their electors, especially since the number of objections far outweighed those in favour.

The motion, as usual, sailed though despite many of the committee themselves expressing concerns, with only one councillor brave enough to formally object.

The people of Millfield have been badly let down by this council. This is not democracy.

M.L. Adamson,

Angrove Gardens,


‘Worst in country’

WELL, our council approved the proposed Islamic Centre for St Mark’s Road and condemned the residents to even more traffic, people, noise and parking problems.

Of course they said it won’t, but year on year the site will draw in more and more people to it. Just watch.

Every concerned resident that turned up knew what the council would do, even the Echo predicted it before the committee meeting was held.

So thanks very much Sunderland City Council for proving my point: we really do have the worst councillors in England.

P Thompson,


I’ve ‘ad’ enough

I’VE always had a habit or turning down the sound and looking away when adverts are on the television.

I’m sure a psychiatrist could enlighten me on my problems, but I just cannot stand the noise created to draw viewers to the delights on offer. More and more, the “trouble and strife” and myself try to record programmes so we can whip through and just watch the interesting bits.

The trouble is that so much money is spent on them, they are a big improvement on the programmes themselves, if you like that sort of thing.

 But hold on, I’m not referring only to the commercial channels. The biggest offender of a greatest waste of time and money is the good old Beeb!

Often I almost fall out of the chair when Radio 5 Live explodes into life at very regular intervals on steam radio with its “trail” 
and I’m absolutely beside myself with fury at the BBC having the gall to waste my time advertising their programmes in my living room.

If I’m desperate to discover what’s on, I can have recourse to the programme times in the daily press or buy a specialised magazine.

Unlike commercial television, the BBC gets no rewards for trails, so why bother?

With the Olympics, let’s just have a bit of banter and then the events. Which brings me to another insult to my intelligence. During interviews, must we have the constant inane questions being paraded by interviewers.

For instance, everyone is asked how they feel before a race or after one, or the participants parents or partners are asked as the third parties.

What answer do they in fact expect to receive?

Cannot some thought be put into the interrogation as to what the preparation consisted of, or what diet was used. Was the race mapped out with tactics?

Come on Mssrs Balding and Lineker, use your brains and dwell on the subject beforehand. Everyone in all forms of work and play have their methods and secrets.

Let’s try to find them out.

On the other hand let’s do without them and just have the programmes themselves.

Allan Wilkinson,


Stop feeding gulls

REGARDING the letter Cull the gulls, (Echo, July 27), I too have a neighbour who feeds them once, twice, sometimes three times a day.

It’s either bread, fried bread or chips put out on the pavement in front of the houses.

 In fact, the gulls are flying around on a morning waiting to be fed.

 I have repeatedly reported this to Gentoo and to Environment Health, who actually visited this person on two occasions.

He was told to stop feeding the birds, but obviously has chosen to ignore them.

 I totally agree, these birds are a nuisance and should be culled, but also, put a stop to these people encouraging them.

If they don’t stop, then hit them with a heavy fine and keep our streets clean and tidy.

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