Letters, Tuesday, August 5, 2014

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Not right to make unemployed weed

MR J Leach states (letters July 30) that at last we have a letter from Mick the Pen that makes sense.

 They both agree that it would be a good idea to make the unemployed weed. Mr Leach even asserts that the unemployed have had it too easy for too long.

 I suggest that if we were to put their ideas into practise, that we would be going down the route of criminalising the unemployed.

 Of course, there will be those who will take advantage of a system which is fundamentally dysfunctional, but these are not the majority.

 It is self-evident that ‘big business’ has no interest in creating jobs for altruistic reasons.

 If we need more police, nurses, street-cleaners etc, we should be creating jobs via the state – it’s called the public sector.

Lesley Aitch

Proud of the Gala

IN reply to John, The Pun, Watson’s recent letter regarding the Durham Miners’ Gala, it is now bigger than it was 50 years ago.

 The pits might be no more, but time will tell. North Sea gas is running out but we can get gas from coal. There is 300 years worth of coal under County Durham.

 The majority of the banners are replicas, some of them designed by primary school children who are learning about their social history. School-aged children died in the mines and miners went to war 100 years ago to fight for his freedom – that should never be forgotten.

 The Gala brings people in from all over the world, which in turn helps the North East economy.

 I am a southerner and proud of the North East History.

Anne Sidaway,

Hylton Banner Group Secretary and DMA steward at this year’s Gala

Socialism failed

STEVE Colborn (July 24) believes capitalism is the root of all evil, and that it was responsible for the First World War.

 If you examine the series of events which led up to it, the only conclusion you can come to, is that Germany was ruled by a narcissistic monarch who was insanely jealous of other, more powerful nations, and their empires. Britain could have stayed out of the war, just as it could have done in 1939, but what kind of world would we be living in?

 If capitalism isn’t the answer, what is? Socialism, and all its extreme forms, have been tried, failed, and has caused more deaths than any other ideology.

 As we speak, Europe stands on the brink of armed conflict again, and it’s not capitalism which is behind the unrest, but socialism.

M Brown

Sad to see neglect

GOOD to see Sunderland Council is going to tend to the graves in one of the Jewish sections in Bishopwearmouth Cemetery.

 Perhaps it could include the small original Jewish section in the north east corner. This was in use from the original opening of the cemetery in 1856, until a new section was opened in 1926.

 If they do, why not add the very sad cemetery in Ayres Quay ?

P Phipps