Letters, Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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Time to deal with the gulls

I have witnessed seagulls actually killing and eating fellow avian creatures – the humble pigeon on several occasions in the town centre of Sunderland.

 I have also seeing photographs of a seagull swallowing a rat, attacking a starling and other birds eggs.

 I have read about seagulls attempting to eat dogs, tortoises, rabbits and even attempts to ‘eat’ a pensioner who was pecked on the head, and a four-year-old child that was bitten on the finger, not to mention cheesy Quavers taken from a shop and the numerous sandwiches, fish (battered and fried) and chips.

 I think it is obvious to all that the voracious seagulls need to be culled as they are rampant in the area and are very rarely found near the sea, which their name is associated with, in fact, you are more likely to see crows down on Seaburn beach these days than seagulls.

 Meanwhile, the seagulls are wandering backwards and forwards inland.

 Authorities are even telling parents to be diligent in protecting their children as seagulls are protected.

 I have heard of a three-year project to reduce the amount of seagulls in Devizes, Wiltshire, where 600 eggs have already been smashed.

 I believe it could be introduced here in Sunderland but instead of smashing the eggs they could be collected and sold on to help pay for the cull as restaurants are crying out for seagull eggs.

 Apparently the eggs flavour is thought of as fishy and a little nutty, I hear.

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent,

Old Penshaw

We have been deserted

As the Conservative Party launched yet another attack on the poor, disabled and disadvantaged that all three MPs elected to serve in Sunderland agreed to toe the party line when voting on the Welfare Reform Bill.

 Sunderland is by no means the wealthiest of city’s in the country, in fact, some of the poorest areas in this country are within the boundaries of our city. This is through no fault of our own but q the fault of Government and the austerity regime it has imposed.

 Apologists for the Labour Party will have you believe that there will be lots of time to oppose particular measures within the Bill, forgetting that, it is easier to push objections through if you haven’t already sat on the fence and allowed the legislation to reach the stage you have because of the fact it’s was deemed easier to “toe the line”.

 By abstaining our representatives have run away when we needed them most. They’ve fallen into the trap of pushing more and more of their constituents and their children into poverty – a disgrace – have we forgotten the founding principles of the Labour Party?

 In the armed forces, I believe, this would be classed as desertion. God knows how these they get re-elected time and again.

Richie Veitch