Letters, Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

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A small change to help patients

MY name is Kate Parkin. I broke my back this year and in my ward the toilets were very low, so they had toilet seat extensions that are just wheeled over the toilet, making it easier to get up and down. They also have railings on the side.

My granda passed away a few weeks ago and I found this letter:

“My name is Thomas Parkin. I am 85 years old. Over a year ago I was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder, until this time in my life I had never had to spend time in hospital. I have a lot of trouble with arthritis in my joints and also have a caliper fitted to my boot. To my amazement, when I went to the toilet they were far too low! So I ask you, does six inches make a difference to lift the seat up?

“I complained on many occasions (but to no avail), after many months of going in and out of hospital I kept on asking the question to have the toilet raised just six inches. Because every time you go to the toilet with having bad joints and being in the twilight years you bang yourself down, and it hurts, then trying to get up is very hard.

“So my family offered to donate a raised toilet seat for the ward D46. To my amazement, the nurse said it wasn’t possible. She said the only ward that can have raised toilet seats was orthopaedic ward, but surely they must show consideration to the elderly people with mobility problems, as it made my stay very uncomfortable and painful.

“So I put it to the hospital trust that six inches does make a difference.”

Please do not let my granda’s wish be forgotten. I stand by his belief – six inches makes all the difference. It would benefit so many people. Imagine to be told you have cancer. It must be the worst thing in the world. At least make their journey to their end as comfortable as possible

I ask the people of Sunderland, to back this letter from my granda, as Tommy Parkin was a very wise man. Put one raised toilet seat in each ward. They’re not expensive and in the long run the Government would save money, due to falls because they are not in place, i.e. hip replacements etc.

I am one of 60 very proud grandchildren of my late granda. He was always there for us and most of his local village, Castletown, respected him greatly. I hope that we can make a difference and my granda’s letter wasn’t written in vain.

He always used to say: “Get them shoulders back!”

Kate Parkin

Road-rage idiots

TWICE recently, while overtaking on the A182 Southern Link Road from the A19 into Seaham, two morons, or was it the same moron twice, have indicated by the use of lights, horns and gestures through the windscreen, their irritation with me for daring to carry out such a manoeuvre on double white lines.

Rule 128 of the Highway Code states: “Double whites lines where the lines nearest to you is broken means you may cross the lines to overtake if it is safe, provided you can complete the manoeuvre before reaching a solid white line on your side. White direction arrows on the road indicate that you need to get back onto your side of the road”.

As the white line nearest to me was broken and there were no vehicles occupying the middle lane, and as I had sufficient time and space to avoid reaching a solid white line, I met the requirements of Rule 128. Therefore, I was right to do what I did – and the two morons were wrong in condemning me for a mythical traffic offence. It makes one wonder if they ever passed a driving test.

I look forward to reading their apologies in these pages.

J. Willis, Seaham

Change council

REGARDING the plans to turn St Mark’s depot into a mosque. As an ex-employee of St Mark’s I can ensure everyone this is a much used building, housing buses that are used for nurseries and Age Concern.

It’s very clear the council does not listen to the people of Sunderland. I have also sent this letter to the council, complaining that if these buses are left out during the winter it will cause lots of problems.

Why can’t the council find a site on the outskirts of Sunderland, not residential places? The sooner this Labour council is out, the better for the people of Sunderland. They have had it too easy for too long (a council without vision). I’m sure the older people vote Labour because their parents did. Yes I’ll vote Conservative every time until we take control and turn our city around. Look what Newcastle has achieved. I did hear they borrowed the money from Sunderland.

I want the best for Sunderland and its people. Stand up and be counted. Don’t let the council dictate to you.

John Hamilton

Lost bangle

ON Saturday, August 4, between 11.10am and 11.40am I lost a gold bangle in Primark (Sunderland) or just outside the entrance.

It is of very sentimental value. If anyone has any information would they ring me on 534 8318.

S. McCluskey