Letters, Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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We are challenging bad behaviour

WE were really sorry to read online comments following the article ‘Police to tackle unruly teenagers’ (Echo, August 15).

 The comments were made about the Eden Vale area and we would like to take the opportunity to let residents know about the positive work that is going on in that area.

 After complaints about noise, officers from the local neighbourhood team visited a number of young people in the area and spoke to them in the presence of their parents. We regularly work closely with Sunderland Council Antisocial Behaviour department to challenge this type of behaviour and use Acceptable Behaviour Agreements.

 Youth Almighty, our local youth provider, works hard to engage with young people in the area to divert them from causing the issues described. We’ve approached a number of youth organisations who can assist in engaging with any young people brought to our attention.

 We’ve engaged with schools in the area and held talks about a number of issues ranging from bullying to antisocial behaviour to make young people aware of their responsibilities and the impact their behaviour can have on their local community.

 Northumbria Police is aware that the run up to bonfire night can be a difficult time and we would like to reassure residents that we will continue to work with partner agencies and take positive action against anyone who causes any distress to residents with the inappropriate use of fireworks or associated ASB.

 Officers regularly patrol these areas and anyone with any concerns who wants to speak to an officer can either speak to them in the neighbourhood, or contact their local neighbourhood police team on 101 ext 69191 or visit www.northumbria.police.uk.

Inspector 7106 Pickett

Sunderland West NPT

Northumbria Police

Unkind to mock

PEOPLE who mock and make fun of people with disabilities, whether it’s mental or physical problems, should bear in mind that it could be them one day, due to illness, an accident or age-related illness.

 People with disabilities have feelings too and it must be soul destroying for them putting up with that sort of behaviour.

JL Staples

Teaching needed

I WAS amazed to read that “strong unions” are seen as a solution to youth crime in schools.

 Troubled youngsters need as much time in school as possible, and I fail to see how unions, who go on strike for every petty little thing they can find, could possibly contribute to this.

 Youngsters need responsible and effective teachers, not absent political pawns.

Edward Walker

The battle begins

WELL, Mr Di Canio, it looks like the revolution is over and the annual struggle for survival begins.

J Forster

Better cash use

HENRY Whipple gripes at the Government contributing to the restoration of Hougoumont Farm at Waterloo (Echo, August 17).

 This is a contribution made to honour the bicentenary of the battle of Waterloo in 2015. A battle at which the British and their allies lost some 30,000 men, bringing to a halt a brutal dictator’s plans to subjugate Europe.

 A better use of our money, I think, than Sunderland’s Labour Council giving money to a country fair in Yorkshire.

Alan Wright

Looking for Burns

I AM trying to trace descendants of John George and Elizabeth Burns(nee Turner/Buttrey).

 They had seven children, all born in Sunderland – Alfred born 1885, died 1916 in the First World War, Ethel May born 1887, Elizabeth 1889, Susannah 1891, John George Jnr 1893, Hilda 1895, and Samuel 1900.

 I would be very grateful for any information. Replies to me at 58 Willeri Drive, Parkwood, Western Australia 6147, or oak_fam@optusnet.com.au.

Anne Oakford