Letters, Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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Wonderful people who’ve helped me

I WOULD like to tell you about an amazing set of people who work at Portland School in Sunderland.

I am very lucky to be their school nurse and in October 2010 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. I think it is fair to say that I have had a bit of a bumpy ride and without their support I don’t think I could have made it and certainly would not have managed to keep working. After a year of treatment my family and I were devastated to discover the cancer had returned, this time I was going to need some quite radical treatment.

 It was decided that I would receive some specialised radiotherapy treatment called SIRT and after many meetings, we were accepted for the treatment.

My team of consultants then applied for funding from Sunderland PCT.

The cost of the treatment is approximately £8,000-£8,500 and I am sure you can understand our anxiety when a couple of weeks later that funding was refused.

This is where these truly amazing group of friends and family decided to take matter into their own hands.

 Within 48 hours the staff at Portland had approached my daughter Katie with a number of fund-raising events.

 As a result of the following: Monday cakes by Lynsey; Diane and Bev; a car boot sale by Julia; a charity football match by Shirley; a zipwire by Alisa; the sale of a very collectable toy by mad Pete; and a fabulous horse ride by one or our disabled children Ross, ending with a fabulous charity night at Infinity (many thanks to the staff there), you have raised a staggering £3,300.

 During this fund-raising, my team of brilliant consultants have secured the funding for my treatment from North of England Cancer Drug Approval Group (Necdag). I had my treatment in the Freeman Hospital last week and am recovering at home.

 I need to say a huge, huge thank you to all my friends at Portland.

 I would also like to thank Mr Lavery and Southmoor School for raising nearly £1,000 which they are going to donate to Necdag, the nurses at the Galleries for their cheque and a special thanks to Leslie and Lee, our friends who have made sure Tom, our 11-year-old son, had a fabulous holiday, my amazing daughters and our friends Gillian and Paul who just got me through this daily and to my husband who is just ‘AL’.

Michelle Hunter,

School Nurse

Portland College

Invaluable support

WE WOULD like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Councillor Stuart Porthouse for the invaluable help and support he had given us recently.

We have been suffering from some major problems over the last few months, which led us to contact a number of people for help, most of whom were unwilling or unable to get involved or do anything, with the exception of Coun Porthouse, who stood by us through the whole of this ordeal.

He gave us hope at times when we were very low and never gave up and thanks to him the problems have now been addressed.

We cannot praise him enough for the assistance he provided during this very difficult time and were it not for his intervention and perseverance I believe the problem we endured would have been allowed to continue.

He has done a truly fantastic job and we went to say how very grateful we are.

Mrs Patrica Moody, 
Miss Celia Hayes and 
Mr Anthony Parkin

Allendale Road


Bridge sadness

I WAS sorry to hear about the closure of the Women’s Bridge Project (Echo, August 4). The Women’s Bridge Project was a really good community project. It provided women with a very positive place to get support, help and good education and help to build self confidence.

 I was one of the first women to do a Bridge course and went on to do a lot more. It is with great sadness that it has closed down due to lack of funding. Sheila Davidson and all the staff have done great work and Bridge will be a great miss to a lot of people.

Mrs B Houghton

Gainsborough Crescent

Shiney Row

Lovely lady Lee

PEGGY Lee was one of the wonderful female jazz singers from the all time greats. She signed to Capitol Records with original hits including Fever, Light of Love, Sweetheart, Once Lover, Johnny Guitar, Cloudy Morning, Till There Was You, later a cover version by The Beatles in 1963, The Party’s Over, Black Coffee, In Love Again, In The Name Of Love and The Man I Love.

 She appeared on television and films with The Ed Sullivan Show, Stage Door Carteen, Pete Kelly’s Blues, The Jazz Singer, What’s My Line, The Jo Stafford Show and Big Night Out.

She mixed with world famous stars from such great artists as Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, and Bing Crosby.

Sadly, in January 2002, she passed away. I will never forget the original jazz singer, the wonderful late great Peggy Lee.

Terry Christie,

Woodside Terrace,

East Herrington