Letters, Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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Truth would make world a better place

I’VE just read that Professor Richard Dawkins has been slammed by the usual swarm of simpletons on Twitter for stating that the world’s Muslims have won less Nobel prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge.

 So, is this what we’ve come to?

 A time when speaking the truth is socially unacceptable? What a terrifying thought.

 Guess what? I am less handsome than Ryan Gosling. It’s an inarguable fact, and I’m OK with that. It’s no big deal, and I certainly wouldn’t try to silence someone for saying it.

 Why have we become so afraid of the truth?

 Why have certain sections of society become so protected that we must obscure facts to save their feelings?

 Dawkins criticises Christians constantly, and nary a whimper is heard.

 Maybe if we could get over this super-sensitivity and speak some truths without being vilified, the world would be a better place for everyone.

Gregg Mitchell

Unfair benefits

I AGREE with Elizabeth Lynch’s letter (Echo, August 8) that the proposed new childcare benefit is far from fair.

 Benefits of any kind should indeed only be paid to those who genuinely need our help.

 Someone on a salary of £3,000 a week cannot possibly be classified as in need of taxpayers’ help.

D Miles,


Group is a must

THE Cardiac Support Group is desperately in need of a new venue, as featured in the Echo.

 After 20 years, it is still being well supported and plays an essential role in the full recovery of those using it.

 The exercise groups improve health both physically and socially as there are monthly meetings with speakers, interesting and easy walks, full-day trips, short holidays and your partner or a friend is welcome to accompany you to all the events.

 A big thank you to all committee members and good luck in your quest for more central premises.

 Anyone out there who thinks they can come to our aid, we would all be eternally grateful.

Moira Lawrence,

Long-time heart patient

Shame on the city

IT seems to me that if Sunderland did not have the money to save the ship, City of Adelaide (which would have cost a couple of million) then it should have been obvious to one and all that it would not be able to afford the iconic bridge.

 I think, what you never had you never miss.

 However, the ship is another matter. It was an important reminder of our cultural heritage.

 Fortunately, Australia did not consider it a piece of irrelevant worthless junk to be ignored. Shame on the City of Sunderland.

R Tomlinson,


Castrate the ‘rat’

I WOULD like the powers that be to treat Keith McDonald like the animal he acts like, not ‘love rat’.

 He is an insult to all decent people who need to and do take control of their passion.

 I am one of a family of 11 born to loving and responsible parents, without handouts and we all had a trade and worked as long as we were able to.

 My father worked all his life but died at 57 years of age.

 The rat should be castrated.

E Parker,

Hylton Road

Searching for mum

RACHEL Scollen is trying to trace her mother Linda Scollen (nee Richardson), believed to be living in the South Tyneside area.

 Rachel would love her to get in touch. Rachel how lives in Oman and her address is: Left Bank Bar, PO Box 314, Al Qurun, Muscat PC3, Oman.

Mr Scollen

Amazing customers

WE would like to thank all our customers for their amazing support in raising a total of £1,500 for the Go Mad, Go Green event, in aid of the Macmillan Nurses.

Rita Richardson, manager,

Bonmarché, Sunderland