Letters, Tuesday, August 11, 2014

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Permit parking is winner with us

I’M wondering where Councillor Leadbitter and her Conservative colleagues live after reading the article in the Echo on August 6 headlined ‘Roker roars its parking fears’.

 I for one welcome the fact that streets around the stadium are to become no-go areas for visitors.

 I’m sure the councillors and residents in Roker and Fulwell don’t have to keep their children in on match days.

 They don’t have their cars trapped in backyards because some fan has blocked the entrance or have to walk on the road because cars are parked illegally on paths and every little bit of grass they can find.

 They won’t have to put up with abuse from fans when we complain.

 Coun Leadbitter – don’t just think of people in Roker and Fulwell with their not on our doorstep attitude.

 Why don’t you approach the management of the stadium and suggest they make a car park from the surrounding land or reduce the capacity of the stadium?

 I, for one, think restrictive parking is a great idea.

 We will have a little peace and quiet and also be able to park our cars at our doors.

 I am looking forward to peaceful match days.

 Well done to the sensible people in the council who have come up with this scheme – you have a winner with the locals.

Chris Wilson,


Reverse evolution

DESPITE the enormous pressures the NHS is under, it is proposing to fund a national sperm bank so that single women and lesbian couples can have a baby by IVF treatment.

 Where have any moral principles gone?

 Those children will never know who their father is, when we know the happiest children are those brought up by, hopefully, a married mother and father?

 It must be embarrassing for a child to admit to classmates that it has two fathers or two mothers, or a mother and anonymous father. Marriage between two men or two women has already damaged the meaning of the word.

 What was wrong with civil partnerships?

 I think we will gradually go back to the cave ages when women had babies by whichever men were around and be brought up by fellow cave dwellers. Those babies will never know or care who their fathers were. A sort of reverse evolution.

Name and address supplied

Fine supermarkets

D MILES (August 2) wrote about roaming supermarket trollies, some of which end up in the pond of a local park. I spot them on Silksworth Row.

 I have a good idea. Why not fine the supermarkets concerned?

 The supermarkets might then take notice.

 I don’t see any supermarket in the court round-up.

 They can afford a hefty fine when they are making millions of pounds of profit. One supermarket makes billions.

John Watson,