Letters, Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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Wrong people are being targeted

I AM one of millions of people that have been made unemployed because of the bankers.

 I have been unemployed for just under a year and now find myself made to feel down and out by the Government because of the bedroom tax.

 I have a three-bedroom flat and have two children, a girl, 13, and a boy, 10. I was married now I am in the flat on my own.

 I have tried to get a two-bedroom flat, so my daughter has a room to herself when she comes at weekends, and my son can share with me.

 The Government is picking on the wrong people. It was not the unemployed or the working class that made the county this way – it was the bankers.

 If the Government keeps going on the way it is, there will be a revolution.

Michael Cavanagh

What a hullabloo

ALL this hullabaloo about Paolo. When Nissan came to town, nobody caused a fuss.

 This man has been in this country for quite a few years as a player and nobody said anything until he comes to Sunderland – why?

Bart Wilson,


Support for Paolo

PAOLO Di Canio said in an interview: “With Mussolini I’m sure we would have had a better situation, but not in a wrong way, not with a union with the Nazis because I am not a Fascist. Then was a different time, nobody wants war, now we want peace. Black or white or yellow people, gay people, men or women, they can come to my house and be my friend because I am not xenophobic.”

 This was in a 2002 book “West Ham: Irons in the Soul”, by Pete May.

 Following the controversy over Di Canio giving the straight-arm salute after Lazio’s 2005 clash with Juventus, he said: “They’re crazy, out of this world – I am really appalled.”

 Why, then, has he been forced to repeat himself in 2013? Was it because our national press was too lazy to do its research? Or is it that it set out on a moral witch hunt against our club and manager? As Paolo said himself, he’s not in the Houses of Parliament – he’s a football manager.

 This controversy should be directed at David Miliband as thanks to his political grandstanding, he’s caused the good name of Sunderland AFC to be dragged through the mud on an international level. There was no media circus when we appointed Miliband as non-executive director, even though he has blood on his hands over Iraq.

 As an avowed socialist, I would like it to be placed on record that Paolo Di Canio has my full support as head coach of Sunderland AFC.

Michael Peters,