Letters, Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

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Alarmed by low driving standards

I HAVE been a self-employed businessman for over 30 years.

The nature of my business means that I use the roads at all hours of the day and night.

The reason I write to you today is to express my alarm at the deterioration of driving standards today. I wonder if fellow road users feel the same way?

The issue that concerns me of late is fellow motorists using slip roads when joining dual carriageways, some people just drive straight on to the carriageway with no regard for the traffic on it. When that happens someone driving on the inside lane may find themselves with the situation of someone overtaking them so they cannot give way to the person entering the carriageway.

This forces them to brake which, in turn, puts them in danger of a collision with the person behind them as I have seen many times.

This issue, among many, causes me great concern and, as I said earlier, I wonder if fellow motorists have views on it. I also wonder why the police don’t do anything about it as it is such a common problem. It must be an obvious cause for concern to them as it will inevitably lead to accidents.

C. Smith, Beagle Square, Silksworth,


Three cheers for three ‘unique’ MPs

RE: Sunderland Echo March 25, page 15, Praise for Carers, once again we see great support from our local Labour MPs with their involvement in the good and successful Parent Carer Council.

If I had to make a guess who masterminded this idea, it would be Sharon Hodgson, the Shadow Minister for Children with Special Educational Needs. The Parent Carer Council gives a voice and help to our unpaid carers of children with special needs.

The Echo’s article should have added praise for those who care for the carers – three unique MPs, Julie Elliot, Sharon Hodgson and Bridget Phillipson. They work tirelessly to make Wearside somewhere we can all be proud of.

Three cheers for three MPs who are shining examples of why Labour is the party who care, whilst the other rival parties are causing us despair. Yes, be proud to tell your neighbour: the party for the people is Labour.

Jimmy Chambers, Rickleton Village Centre, Washington

How low can you get?

JUST so annoyed on a lovely sunny morning by an idiot who parked their car on a pavement opposite the Queen Vic, Roker.

We saw peple on mobility scooters and mothers with pushchairs having to go on the busy main road to get past this inconsiderate driver, have they no common sense?

Angry Walkers Owl and Tiger

Teachers must remain inpartial

FURTHER to the two letters about bullying, my daughter was bullied by a particular boy at school.

She was pushed down the stairs and had her school bag torn and the contents scattered all over the school playground, she even had her school blouse torn.

This happened several times until I had her removed.

I couldn’t understand why the teachers or the headmaster didn’t do anything about it. I complained several times but still nothing was done. It was only after she had left the school that I found out why. Apparently the bully’s father and the headmaster belonged to the same society for funny handshakes, so no matter how much I complained nothing was done.

This is disgraceful, this headmaster should have been sacked as he wasn’t carrying out his duties properly. Headmasters and teachers should remain impartial, no matter who the bullies are.

Name and Address Supplied

What a great night

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to the Sunderland Empire Theatre for putting on a marvellous show, Calendar Girls, and the party for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research on March 24.

I met some really nice people and had a chance to meet Trudie Goodwin who happens to be a very good actress.

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to meet Lynda Bellingham even though we were in the same room.

I managed to get some photos of them together.

I am very pleased the show is going to come back in September.

Hopefully I will get a chance to meet my favourite actress, Trudie is on the top of my list of favourite actresses, next to Lynda.

Well done the rest of the cast. I hope Trudie will be seen in other roles and not just recognised as June from the Bill.

Joe Lennox, Park Gate, Roker, Sunderland


BOB, Ann and staff of the Albion pub, Roker, wish to thank everyone who came to the 80s charity night and donated prizes, food and gave up their time to help sell raffle and bingo tickets.

Thanks to all the football supporters for buying the football cards and all our customers. We raised £3,700 for St Benedict’s Hospice. Thanks also to Trish from Barclays Bank.

Staff, Albion Pub, Roker