Letters, Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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Use of taxi could ease cash claims

IF Coun Neville Padgett continues to claim expenses of £15,000 a year, would it not be cheaper for Sunderland City Council to allow him to use a taxi and provide him with packed lunches on his dedicated anti-litter crusades?

 Having totted up more than £35,000 in expenses since his election in 2010 – on top of his annual allowance of £8,000 – he must be pretty close now to being able to buy a Rolls-Royce so he can travel on his selfless sojourns in style?

 For Councillor Lee Martin to describe Coun Padgett as “a greedy pig” is possibly doing a disservice to our four-legged friends, though in this instance, it does sound pretty appropriate.

Frank Johnson

Political points?

HAVING attended the neighbourhood watch meeting on April 15, we were left wondering why Police Commissioner Vera Baird, who is supposed to be above politics, was flanked by Labour MP Julie Elliott and a Labour candidate while our three elected councillors were not invited to sit up front?

 It is also worth noting that Vera Baird has always been unavailable to attend any of the regular Fulwell/Seaburn Neighbourhood Watch and Community Meetings. Is that because these are a non-political?  

 Why did Julie Elliott, chairwoman, ask for the questions to be concise and then allow both questions and answers to be unduly elongated? In fact, a number of the questions could have been answered by Pc Gary Mee at any normal NHW meeting, therefore allowing time for legitimate questions that needed a reply from Vera Baird to be dealt with. Was this a deliberate act to leave no time for any awkward questions to be asked of Vera Baird?

 Finally, no doubt we will see Margaret Beck at the next NHW meeting, which is just before the local election and if she loses, no doubt she will follow the route of previous Labour candidates and fade into the background.

 Until the next local election of course.

Don & Joan Patterson,


Witnesses sought

AS Go North East’s CCTV system, apparently, did not record anything of an incident on the 238 bus, I would be extremely grateful if anyone who was on the bus on April 9 at about 3pm, who may have witnessed the incident at the Hewitt Avenue Bus Stop in Ryhope, could get in touch.

 I can be contacted by text or call on my mobile, 07910078814, or my home phone 0191 551 3805 or by post at Richard Emmerson, 107 Hewitt Avenue, Hollycarrside, Ryhope, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear SR2 0DS.

 Even if you have spoken to Go North East previously I would still ask you to get in touch.

 I would be particularly grateful if the gentleman who was sitting directly behind the driver, and helped stop me from falling completely, could get in touch at the very least so that I can thank him personally.

Richard Emmerson