Letters, Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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Your generosity to hospice is amazing

IN January £2,500 was collected, £3,000 in February and £3,400 in March in aid of Grace House, thanks to your generous donations to a geriatric clown.

 Many of you tell me how much you like to identify with the different venues, so a brief run down is: nearly £407 at Sainsbury’s in The Galleries; £180 at Sainsbury’s Gilesgate, then £327 at Asda Pennywell; Park Lane Cards in Byron Place raised another £26; £1,108 was given by customers at Asda Boldon and £238 was given at Matalan Pallion; £215 was raised at Asda Ryhope. Over the Easter weekend £203 was donated at Clays Washington; £446 at Sainsbury’s Washington and a further £227 at Clays again on the Easter Monday.

 As you might be aware Grace House is being furnished, medical staff appointed etc. So you can imagine what a great help the £8,880 raised so far this year is.

 Friday, April 26, to Friday, May 3, is National Hospice Week. I will be collecting at Sainsbury’s Washington on Friday April 26, and from Saturday, April 27, to Friday, May 3, I will be collecting all day, every day in Market Square, next to WH Smiths.

 If you see a one-legged clown please say hello and be your usual generous selves. I would gratefully accept any “piggy banks” of small change, plus any small gifts that could be used as raffle or tombola prizes. Don’t be worried about giving large quantities of copper as I can always get my lovely daughter Tina to help.

 Thank you and God bless.

Jeff Coxon,


Not all the same

I ONCE attended a talk given by an Anglican priest, who was also a lecturer in religious studies.He said there was no such thing as Christianity but there are Christianities – meaning there are various kinds or versions of Christianity. Dr Carey says that gay marriage has been introduced as another means of persecuting Christians.

 I am friendly with a Christian Church in Newcastle which supports diversity and equality. The church is called Metropolitan Community Church and favours gay marriage.

 Dr Carey is speaking for some but not all Christians.

John Watson,


Killing the poor

DO you know years ago you could go to work, come home, go out to the pub, walk where you liked and have a fag – not now, because the Government says so.

 That’s a good one, go to the pub – we can’t afford to.

 Now they are killing our poor with this bedrooms tax. What if you have two bedrooms – that’s £22 extra a week. People have lived in their houses or flats for year and years.

 If they stopped the aid to foreign countries and stopped them coming in, they would save more.

 So how are poor people supposed to live?

Dennis Wheldon,


Nissan valuable

GED Taylor (Echo, April 11) said: “Margaret Thatcher knew the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

 Well thousands are pleased she knew the value of Nissan to Sunderland.

Keith O’Brien,

Middle Herrington