Letters, Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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Time to get out of EU ‘catastrophe’

CYPRUS gives the answer to the EU catastrophe. This ill-thought of attempt to convert the differing countries of Europe to a new type of communism has come to realisation.

 The idea was to create a continent to rival the USA.

 A continent made up of countries divided by seas, different languages, currencies, standards of living, etc.

 Before the Euro was foisted on to them Cyprus and Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain were all managing reasonably well with their tourism etc.  

 Now, how many countries are bankrupt?

 If being in the red means bankruptcy, the UK comes into that category. The rule that people from 27 countries are able to come to the UK at will has ruined our way of life and traditions.

 We are massively overcrowded as the people of the poorer countries are going to pour into the welfare state UK.

 As we need to close our borders, will the MPs and MEPs on the EU gravy train step off it and get the UK out of the EU?

Marjorie Matthews,


Too many rules

WHAT is the country coming to?  

 Some more rules – if you have a spare bedroom you have to pay an extra £11 a week, so if you have two, that’s £22 out of your pockets.

 And this new Council Tax – it does not matter how old you are, they are going to make you pay.

 Years ago you just went about your work and no one told you what to do ... until now.

 You can’t smoke here, you can’t stand there. It’s just not on.

 They tell you you must get a job. Where do you get a job? There is no work.

 It’s the young ones who will suffer in time. How do they expect to live?

Old Age Pensioner

Happy hundredth birthday to Harry

HAPPY 100th birthday to Harry Clark, of Seaham, who has worked so hard for the environment.

 There was an early birthday party given for Harry by the North East Humanists in the Lit and Phil, Newcastle, on March 21 (nine days before Harry’s 100th birthday).

 As I presented Harry with the card I had bought the previous day in Jacky White’s market, I thought: “I cannot believe I am speaking to someone who was born before the First World War began.”

 Harry, who possesses a clear mind and a strong voice, gave an interesting talk about his life and his recent campaign against Northumbria Water, which has been releasing untreated sewage into the North Sea at both Seaham and Sunderland.

John Watson,


Relax, Margaret

I SEE Margaret Alexander is concerned about the lack of public consultation regarding an additional development on the Roker masterplan (Echo Letters, Monday, March, 25).

 It appears the city council is involved, so you can relax Margaret, it won’t happen! They only demolish things.

Bob Gillan,