Letters, Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

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Learning lessons from history

W. KACZMAREK (Letters, March 30) gave me a lesson in history. Well, you don’t need to know much to know more than me on history or any other subject, so one lesson I’ve learnt from W. Kaczmarek was he said the Poles had taken their chance to extend their border eastwards in 1920.

That was long before Hitler obtained power in Germany, so, in his policy of extending his border eastward, Hitler was, it seems, only copying what the Poles did almost 20 years earlier. And when Hitler took over a part of Czechoslovakia I have a very vague memory of reading somewhere or other that Poland, too, took part of Czechoslovakia for themselves.

My history tutor also stated “that what matters is a country’s best interest, not morality”. In that case what was this country’s best interest that was served in declaring war against Germany seeing that we were ill prepared for war against any state, let alone one in support of faraway countries like Poland or Czechoslovakia, of which we knew little?

I was a boy during the war, and while the Russians were still trading with Germany, the Germans were bombing Sunderland and the rest of the country.

Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Sweden all remained neutral during the war. It is a great pity we did not stay neutral too for all European entanglements are burdens without benefit to England. It will be in England’s interests to leave Europe, Africa, and the Middle East to stew in their own stupidity at their own expense and blood, without shedding another drop of English blood.

Our relationship should be to keep Europe in a polite, political quarantine. Politicians should keep in mind the political ecology of the rest of the world. Getting rid of Saddam was easy but the next ruler will not be much improvement on him.

I’m sure those animal lovers who introduced the grey squirrel into Britain did not intend to bring about the extinction of the native British red squirrel but the extinction will be the result.

The laws of nature apply to people as well as squirrels. Shooting the Tsar, you end up with Stalin. Exiling the Kaiser, you end up with Hitler. Were those changes much of an improvement and what was settled?

Slavery was abolished in all the other colonies decades before it was abolished in America and that only happened after a civil war between the North and Southern states.

J. Young, Alexander Terrace, Fulwell, Sunderland


Have you ever smelt the musk rose

In hedgrows where sparrow lives,

Or listened to pattering raindrops

Dancing on window sills?

Time is short,

Stars soon fade away.

Ever held a ladybird

And see it fly away

Or watched the coloured rainbow

After showers on summer days?

Time is short,

Stars soon fade away.

Ever laughed till body aches

Or watched a child at play

Stroked a Lakeland pony

That romps throughout the day?

Time is short,

Stars soon fade away.

Ever looked at Taj Mahal

Shining in Indian morn

Gazed at the Pyramids

Where Pharoahs rich were born?

Time is short.

Stars soon fade away.

Ever visited the Grand Canyon

Seen it in daylight haze?

Live every waking hour

Of limited living days.

Time is short,

Stars soon fade away.

Life is not a race,

Leave chores another day,

Enjoy the fruits of life

And leave time to pray.

Time is short,

Stars soon fade away.

Alex Branthwaite, Friarsfield Close, Chapelgarth, Sunderland

Couple’s thanks

PETER and Dorothy would like to thank everyone who donated money to Help for Heroes instead of presents for our Ruby Wedding. A total of £655 was raised.

We had a wonderful party with our family and friends, so once again thank you.

Peter and Dorothy Hill, Rose Street East, Old Penshaw, Houghton

Kind residents

I WOULD like to thank the residents of Mount Grove on behalf of the Marie Curie Cancer Care Daffodil appeal for their generous donations in raising £55.25.

Dorothy Mootien