Letters, Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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Charity collector was actually thief

ON Wednesday (March 26), I telephoned a Sunderland charity shop for the blind in order to have a huge donation of goods collected from my home and sold in aid of its charity.

 Within an hour of the call, someone, a shifty looking man with ginger hair, driving a white hire van arrived to collect the items, which included a washing machine, books and clothes.

 Shortly after this, another van arrived driven by someone from the charity shop.

 It was then that I realised the first collector was a thief.

 I was told by the manager of the charity shop that this was someone who had probably overheard my telephone call to them in the shop and left promptly in order to carry out this despicable theft.

 That someone can sink so low as to steal from an 80-year-old who had the best of intentions, just beggar’s belief.

 These people are nothing more than scum.

 I would urge everyone to check the identity of any collectors who call for donations.

 I hope too that this thief is able to sleep soundly knowing that he has deprived blind people of a few pounds.

Mrs C K,


A shocking attack on our workforce

IN his debate with Nick Clegg this week, Nigel Farage was asked about Nissan’s warning that it would reconsider its UK investment in case of an EU exit.

 Mr Farage’s astonishing response was to attack the quality of UK manufacturing, saying cars made abroad are “of much higher quality” than those made in Sunderland and elsewhere in Britain.

 What an insult to the thousands of people in our area who take great pride in the work they do at Nissan, producing award-winning cars to an incredibly high standard.

 Unlike Mr Farage, I’ve seen first-hand the innovation, attention to detail and sheer hard work that goes into designing and building a Qashqai or a Leaf.

 Nissan is a company of global importance and a source of great pride for those of us in the North East, who appreciate being home to one of the world’s most successful car plants.

Angelika Schneider,

Lib Dem MEP candidate

Library books were said to be fire risk

WHILE reading the Lakeside and Farringdon entry of Down Your Way the other week, I noticed that it stated the residents’ association was asking that a place be allocated to house a lending library as they could have 100 books for the use by residents.

 Yes, it would be nice, but I would remind all those concerned it has already been tried but on advice from the fire service, Gentoo ordered all books in all Tower Blocks had to be removed as they constituted a fire risk.

G Brewis