Letters, Thursday, September 6, 2012

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THE Government has decided to penalise those under24 with less than six months employment to work for up to 30 hours per week before benefits will be paid.

 They also say why should these young people receive benefits without putting anything in beforehand.

The Government has, in the past, put forward much the same scheme for the same people not being able to find work in the tough environment that is prevalent at the moment.

 These schemes would help, perhaps, if the participants were paid the minimum wage, but this won’t happen and anyone not complying will have the rug pulled from under them and their benefits will be stopped, depriving them of this lifeline.

Granted, there are some who take advantage of benefits, but the majority are genuine. Cameron and co. don’t differentiate: all working class are scroungers and are there to be targeted, no-one else is to blame for all the troubles with the economy.

The right-wing Tories are all for targeting the unemployed, the infirm and the elderly in order to make sure the money stays with the privileged and more educated people of this great country, or shall I say was “once great” until this Government got their hands on it.

This country was looked upon as a guide to the way people should be treated and live. Where are we now in the world’s eyes?

How is it anyone coming into this country is given benefits as soon as they arrive? What have they contributed?

These people are given a start in their new life and our young have to fend for themselves with no help to start their own adult life.

Colin S. Wasey,

Zetland Square,


Who woz ‘ere?

While awaiting the charabanc (I will not let this word disappear from our eloquent language) to my humble abode, my erstwhile chum Frank asked me if I had found any information on the chap who wrote on his back gates.

I had to admit that the request had slipped my mind and that I had had zero progress in my endeavours, so we came up with the brainwave that has led me to writing into the Letters page to ask if readers have any relevant information on the fella-me-lad in question.

In essence, Frank told me that he remembered walking down a back lane as a teenager and came across a set of wooden double gates, a la Steptoe and Son. Upon these gates were, written in chalk, social comments of the day about the Government, general news and possibly other agenda not known as he didn’t go down the back lane every day.

This back lane was/is in the Millfield area between Pallion and Hylton Road and the writings may have begun in the 1940s as Frank first spotted the writings in the early 1950s and they may have continued into the 1960s depending on the longevity of the author.

After all that, what I want to know is the name of the man or possibly woman and if any of his/her quotes have been recorded for posterity.

As you can tell this inquiry is aimed at the older population and I thank you kindly in anticipation of any applicable replies.

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent,

Old Penshaw

We didn’t start it

Once again, history is being rewritten to show this country in a bad light.

Michael Dodd (Letters, August 31) states that it was the British who first carried out the barbaric act of taking the scalps of its enemies.

In fact, it was the Scythians who began this macabre practice around 400BC.

In the Americas, the early Spanish invaders recorded similar practices among the native tribes.

In 1688, French-Canadians began paying for every enemy scalp taken. The British only followed suit in 1693.

Of course there are a lot of things that blight this country’s history, but the same could be said of every other nation, yet it appears it’s only we Brits who have anything to be ashamed of?

M. Brown

Hendon Road


The dog is fine

I would just like to say a big “thank-you” to all the people that stopped, offered assistance and even lifts to the vets after my dog was hit by a car on Silksworth Road on August 29.

Also, to the young lady who hit my dog, I hope you are OK and have recovered from the shock.

The good news my dog is fine. Very lucky that he has come away unscathed. Thanks again.

Steven Taylor,

East Herrington

£1.5m and rising

With reference to the Echo article on the latest setback in the council’s ongoing fight against the equal pay cases, readers may like to know that spending on litigation has now topped £1.5million with no end in sight.

Councillor Robert Oliver,


Conservative Council Group