Letters, Thursday, September 5, 2013

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Councillors doing best for the ward

I WISH to correct some of the inaccuracies written by a Mrs Alansen (August 24).

 The councillor for the Sandhill ward, who lives in Grindon, is Coun Debra Waller and contrary to what Mrs Alansen states, holds surgeries at Grindon and Thorney Close Enterprise Centre, as does Coun Turton and Coun David Allan. All three councillors are contactable by telephone, letter, Civic Centre and at home if they are not out and about in the ward, or attending meetings or doing surgeries.

 Coun Allan was not “parachuted” into Sandhill ward, he was selected in place of my mother Florrie Otterson, and lives just behind Springwell Health Centre.

 He was voted in by the ward and has been a councillor for many years. He was instrumental in getting funding from the European Community to get the Thorney Close Enterprise Centre built and attended the schools at Thorney Close.

 He has regularly visited my father and mother over many years who remained members of the ward and Labour party until they died.

 My mother was adamant that she was going to cast her vote in the ward reselection and was pushed by wheelchair to exercise that right. She was so happy she was able to use her vote one last time. She died eight weeks later. Coun Allen did a reading at her funeral and had great respect for them both, which was reciprocated.

 Being a former Labour member, Mrs Alanson should know that it has long been Labour’s policy to encourage more women to get involved in politics and once again Coun Turton was not “parachuted” into the ward. She was interviewed by the ward and selected in a democratic process.

 The councillors are not to blame for Government slashing money needed to run this city and tying the hands of the city’s councillors.

 The police are not to blame for antisocial behaviour, it’s the parents and people round about for putting up with it and the Government for slashing police numbers.

 If tenants and owner occupiers haven’t got the nerve to report such behaviour or problems to Gentoo’s antisocial behaviour team, it’s their fault for putting up with it.

Florence Watt,

Thorney Close

A total disgrace

I COULD not agree more with what R Tomlinson had to say about disappearing Sunderland history (August 26).

 This person states we have lost the City of Adelaide and a number of Roman artefacts on the Vaux site.

 I have had letters in the Echo concerning Roman finds on the site, which have been denied by the council.

 Anything which is on the Vaux site will sadly be left unfound to make way for the ‘futuristic Sunderland’ they are so hell-bent on.

 It is a heartbreaking shame and a total disgrace.

Allyson Timm,


UN must decide

THERE have been more than 110,000 deaths in Syria since the conflict began, almost 100,000 by conventional weapons and 1,400 by chemical weapons.

 Why is it only since the use of chemical weapons that the UK and USA have threatened to intervene?

 To the dead and the families of those who have died, does it make a difference? All have been killed by weapons of one kind or another. There are also millions of Syrians now homeless, injured or missing.

 Should there be outside intervention? I do not have all the facts to be able to answer that question, but I believe that the members of the UN are the only ones to decide on whether action should be taken or not.

 If this vote is ignored by any member, the UN would become pointless, as any military intervention is an act of war and the UN must be united to make certain of no escalation.

Miss T Ryman

Hastings Hill

Green space a mess

EVERYONE is aware that council budgets are stretched at the moment but allowing people’s lives to be put at risk is another thing.

 Brandy Lane, at the top of Albany in Washington, is one of these places.

 The hedges are so overgrown that one is growing on the path, so you need to walk on the road.

 Whose bright idea was it to cut half the thickness of a hedge, leaving one part higher than the other? The paving stones along Moorside to Whinfell are disgraceful, the grass growing between the flags is a hazard for the winter when the rain and snow will make them slippy.

 I understood when Washington went into Sunderland Council, it demanded extra money because we had so much grass, bushes and trees to be looked after.

 Washington councillors should wake up and see the mess of our greenland.

Evelyn Barron,

Albany Village

Treat is a big miss

I WAS, sat in my humble abode, reading the Echo, when I had a flashback and I was in my Nanna and Grandda’s house down in Annie Street, Fulwell, enjoying an Orange Thin with a glass of milk.

 These extremely slender shortbread biscuits are, as the name implies, wonderfully imbued with an intensely strong, yet delicate orange flavour, sprinkled with delicate, teeny particles of sugar.

 I set off to Law’s Supermarket (other supermarkets are available) down Sea Road, which was built on the site of The Marina picture house, which I frequented in my childhood and which is still missed.

 As I alighted the old charabang, I thought: “This isn’t Law’s?”

 In fact, it resembled a large newsagent’s shop but I marched in and located the biscuits section. I searched to no avail. In exasperation at the dearth of Orange Thins, I located an elderly lady, who by chance was working for the firm and asked if she knew where said biscuits were?

 She replied that she had not seen them since the late 1960s and I said that that is terrible as they were the best nibble I had ever had.

 I thanked her and left the premises thinking that it must only be Law’s Supermarket that stock these delicate biscuits.

 However, I have searched Sunderland and surrounding areas and have yet to find the above mentioned store.

 Does anyone know if other stores stock Orange Thins?

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent,

Old Penshaw

Search for family

I AM trying to find the children of Arthur Chapman.

 I think there were four. He used to go out with Maureen Watts in the 1950s. He was a civil engineer and travelled the world.

 They met in the Duke of Wellington or the Burn Hotel, Houghton.

 If anyone knows any of the children, could they contact me at 27 Hillview Road, Chislehurst BR7 6DR or ring 0208 851 6974.

Eileen Watts