Letters, Thursday, September 4, 2014

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Putting The Pen right on postmen

IN reply to Mick, The Pen, Brown (What happened to early post delivery, Echo Letters, Aug 29).

 Years ago, postmen started work at 5am, now most do not start until 6.30am or 7am, therefore later starts mean they leave the sorting office later.

 My husband has been a postman for forty years, and I can tell you this is no easy way to make a living.

 On average, each postman or postwoman carries out between five to eight bags of mail each due to the volume – this is why a trolley is needed. Can you carry five bags of mail on your back?

 Royal Mail has cut its workforce in half over the last ten years, doubling the area each worker has to cover. This is why the vans are needed.

 As for them being unfit, most postmen and postwomen are delivering on the street for four to five hours, try doing this in all weathers without a break.

 Royal Mail deliver six days a week, 52 weeks of the year. Well Mick, The Pen, would you do this job? Or would it interfere with your letter writing time to the Echo?

 Our postmen and postwomen deserve credit, not a kick in the teeth from someone who knows nothing about the job they do.

 I have replied to your letter as my postman husband has just got in and is exhausted after a hard day’s work. Are you tired after all your complaining?

Jeanette Collins,

Via email.

A vain taxi driver

I AGREE with Mick, The Pen about late postal deliveries. Mine arrives about 3pm.

 I wonder if he would agree with me about some of our taxi drivers.

 I had the misfortune of getting into a taxi parked outside Greggs, and was driven home by the most egotistical man I have ever met.

 Instead of the happy banter of most taxi drivers, I had to listen to how much weight he has lost, how handsome he was since his makeover and how much scorn he had for poor Gazza. Personally, I thought with his sunken eyes and cheeks, he looked like a coffin dodger.

 Come on lads, keep putting the world to rights with the good humour we know and love.

Name and address supplied

City has a need for urgent care

GRINDON Lane walk-in centre closed on August 31 – at least the minor injuries/illness unit did.

 We are now advised to call 111 and NHS staff will advise you, and if needed, book an appointment at another urgent care centre in Sunderland. We have an ageing population, A& E departments and the Ambulance service are under growing pressure to try to cope with demands.

 A major problem for a lot of people in this area is obtaining a doctor’s appointment quickly – say one to two days – which probably means they may go to a walk-in centre if they have an urgent problem.

 Keep calm,don’t panic seems to be the NHS answer at the moment. Easier said than done!

Phil Fairclough