Letters, Thursday, September 18, 2014

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Time has come for independence

THE letter from Joseph Young (September 16) is exactly why the Scottish people should vote yes for independence

 For 311 years now Scotland has been under the yoke of the English, with their holier than thou attitude.

 The thing that always bugs me is if a Scotsman or woman wins things in sport they are British but if they lose they are Scottish. Is this not a form of racism?

 And contrary to Mr Young’s statement about it being easy to become a Scot – you have to be born in Scotland as I was and till the day I die I will be a Scotsman.

 This is a vote for Scottish people born in Scotland.

 The main problem with the British government is it thinks that by ruling from London it holds the views of the whole of the UK and its wrong.

 People who live in the North have some major concerns. They are sick and tired of bowing to the southern shires.

 That is why I think Scottish people should vote yes for independence.

Scott Andrews,


We’ve had the best

REGARDING the yes/no vote in Scotland and its independence, can we really believe we have a United Kingdom – a British identity to be proud of?

 Sadly, I think not.

 Some years ago I’m sure it was true that having a British passport and identity was valuable and important – something to be proud of.

 Today, sadly, it is not so, especially when considering the atrocities perpetrated in the wider world by so-called British citizens.

 It will be sad if the Scottish YES vote wins, but we should be proud to be English (most of the time).

 So let the Scots have their identity and accept whatever that may bring for them.

 I think my generation (post war) can say we lived during the best of times in the United Kingdom.



Is this really fair?

I AM shocked by the promises made by political parties in order to keep the Scots from voting yes to independence.

 Should not all citizens of the UK be entitled to be treated in a fair manner with good job opportunities, education and health care and not just a select few?

 Perhaps we in the North East have a good case for chasing independence?

Elaine Smith

Warn of dangers

AFTER the tragedy at Finchale Abbey, I feel I must draw attention to that stretch of water, which is much underestimated by swimmers. Years ago an experienced swimmer drowned in the same area.

 The strong current and whirlpool effect is a hidden danger in the deep water.

 Could whoever is responsible for the river follow Chester-le-Street Riverside’s example and erect a sign warning swimmers of the danger along with the number of swimmers who have drowned in that area. I feel sure this would save lives in the future.

Name and address withheld