Letters, Thursday, September 13, 2012

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Why didn’t we fly flag for games

Sadly the Games have ended, but their legacy will not be forgotten.

Team GB set the pulses racing and ended with the magnificent hauled of 65 medals including 29 gold, Team GB were third in the medals table and surpassed Russia, Germany and France in the competition for gold.

Our athletes were magnificent in victory, winning the hearts of everyone attending.

David Cameron summed up by saying that the whole event was the result of all the hard work done not only by the competitors, but also all those who were supporting them, in particular the thousands of voluntary workers who did magnificently in their duties.

The home crowd was exceptional in its support for Team GB and loudly enthusiastic for the other teams as they competed for medals. The whole backdrop was coloured by the thousands of Union Flags that were waved constantly encouraging home competitors on the victory. Indeed the whole nation showed unremitting support as towns, cities and villages decorated their streets with bunting, flags and street parties.

It was disappointing, as usual, that Sunderland’s crumbling Civic Centre was void of any such national display as the three flagpoles stood stark, bare and forlorn, reminding everyone that Sunderland City Council refuses to fly the Union Flag throughout the year.

The question they have never answered is ‘why?’

Coun George Howe

Fulwell Ward

No Go North East

I AM beginning to wonder if Go North East has something against the older generation.

Two years ago, it changed the route of the Number 38 bus so it doesn’t go to the Southlands Medical Centre and the Ryhope Community Centre.

That means the older generation have to walk down a steep hill to go to these centres.

If that wasn’t enough, Go North East is taking the 38 out of service. So what do the older generation do now if they live at the top of Ryhope?

Could this be because pensioners have bus passes and don’t have to pay? Surely not.

I get on the 38 bus at 10.38 every night to go to work at Asda in Leechmere Road and this bus picks up pensioners at the green after they have had a pint at the local social club.

Then the bus drops them off around Hollycarrside. What does Go North East expect pensioners to do? Walk?

Here’s an idea: why doesn’t Go North East leaflet the Ryhope area to ask what we want from their buses?

Scott Andrews

Wilkinson Terrace


Bye Bye Bygraves

I KNOW it’s a week or so now since we lost him, but may I still pay a tribute to the late, great Max Bygraves?

 This was a man who went from rags to riches, totally deserving it because Max not only had the great determination to succeed, he really truly loved his audience.

 I think Max really sold himself to his loving fans when he wrote and sang: Why Does Everybody Call Me Bighead? This really showed his unique and special kind of humour showing he didn’t need to copy other comedians.

He was a real one-off, warm, special person, asking his audience first “what do you think of me?”.

 I will remember and treasure forever seeing Max posing with pride and great delight with his private registered Rolls-Royce. If this is not inspiration to be able to succeed then what is?

 If comedians have a heaven, Max will be saying to God: “Now I’m going to tell you a story”.

We will miss you Max. Bye Bye Bygraves.

Jimmy Chambers

Durham Avenue,



Thank you all

YET again it’s time to thank you all for your donations to Grace House via that geriatric, one-legged clown who collects for them. In the last four weeks, you were generous, as usual, to the tune of almost £1,580.

 Mitchells of Westlea, Seaham preserved £130, £431 was donated at Sainsbury’s at the Galleries £185 was raised at Sainsbury’s in Gilesgate, and £257 at Dalton Park. Sainsbury’s Fulwell collected £233, Park Lane Cards raised £31 and Matalan, at Pallion, collected £311.

 A massive thanks you to you all for your generosity.

Jeff Coxon,