Letters, Thursday, September 12, 2013

Have your say

Time running out to have say on city

NOW that thousands of Sunderland residents have returned from their annual holidays, how many will be aware that the consultation period for the New Sunderland Unitary Development Plan,(UDP) ends on September 27.

 All those calling for “hands off the libraries” and “stop the cuts” should fill in the forms available in the libraries so that their objections will be subject to the scrutiny of the planning inspectorate.

 Those writers to the Letters Page opposed to the council’s plans to blight what is left of the Vaux site, with its so-called strategic transport corridor (SSTC), should put their names forward as objectors to the council’s core plans. This action can be put in writing so that busy people are not required to attend the public inquiries when they occur.

 The deadline for making representations of support or objections to the plans of the council for the next 20 years is 5pm on September 27.

 Sunderland councillors (Tory and Labour) have neither foresight or vision.

 The only feasible location for a River Wear crossing, a bridge to take the weight of 21st century traffic from the 84-year-old Wearmouth bridge, is from the Vaux site to the Stadium of Light area.

 This amended Blue route option is already served with an approach road from Durham Road, via St Michael’s Way, to the Vaux site due to the demise of Vaux Brewery.

 For those of us old enough to remember, the “Blue” route was identified by consultants R Travers Morgan’s “New Wear Bridge Feasibility Study” lasting from 1972 to 1976 at a cost of £173,000 – paid for from council taxes.

 An advertisement in the Sunderland Echo in 1976, said that you could buy a Volvo for £1,100. What objectors to the council’s core plan should bear in mind is the fact that since the demolition of Vaux brewery, there is a direct route from St Mary’s Car Park via the north side of the Vaux site to Pallion New Road, European Way, the Metro railway under-pass to the Claxheugh Green route connection with the A19 Sunderland by-pass.

 This option for an east to west link road is in conformity with Government Planning Policy Guides (PPG)whereas the SSTC is clearly contrary.

 PPG states that road planning should ensure that people can travel by the shortest possible routes.

Ron McQuillan

Party confusion

WHEN Tony Blair became leader of the Labour Party he told his first Labour Party Conference he had had a vision – England’s future was safe in the hands of our children with Education – Education – Education.

 He promised he would give all children free education and things could only get better.

 But one of the first things he did was to make the Labour Party defunct and created the New Labour Party.

 In 1997, Tony was elected as the first New Labour Prime Minister and served until 2007.

 He opened up our borders and flooded our country with immigrants, when we had millions of our own people out of work, and on benefits. He introduced new wages for working people. He gave people up to 21 years a minimum wage of £3.50 and hour and at the age of 23 a maximum of £4.80 an hour – poverty wages for all our children.

 With the help of Alistair Campbell, Tony decided to invade Iraq, because these people had weapons of mass destruction. After the defeat of Iraq we could not find any of these weapons.

 Prior to the 2010 election, party leaders, Gordon Brown the new Labour Party PM, David Cameron, leader of the Tory Party, and Nick Clegg of the Lib Dems went canvassing for their parties. New Labour took a battering and lost a lot of seats. The Tories did well and the Lib Dems just about kept their own.

 When Diane Abbot, the Miliband brothers, Mr Balls, Andy Burnham, Harriet Harman, Hilary Armstrong, Chris Mullin and Alan Johnson all lost their seats why were they not dismissed from Parliament?

 I would like to know who do the English MEPs represent and who pays their wages? Why do we need a Parliament to tell our Parliament what we can and cannot do?

 The New Labour Party never had any candidates stand for council elections, yet UKIP was beaten by a Labour Party candidate.

 Our area political correspondents said on the telly that South Shields had held and retained the Labour Party seat since 1935. Who was the New Labour Party MP for South Shields from 1997 until he packed politics up in 2013?

P Haswell,


True fans losing-out

As a huge Sunderland fan for many years as well as a season ticket holder, I can’t help feeling that I am being ripped off by the club.

 I pay full price and never miss a game, yet I meet gloating men, women and children who tell me that they get cut price tickets for many games and only turn up when they can get a cheap seat. Some tickets are as little as £5, where as I, and many other season ticket holders, pay more than treble that amount.

 I do find this ridiculous and that the true fan is being mugged by SAFC.

 These folk, who get discounted tickets, are not true supporters. They only turn up because of the discount, otherwise they would not bother.

 Some fans call them fair weather supporters, but I know that many true fans, like myself, are highly annoyed by the situation and I certainly do not see why so many free tickets are handed out to schools.

 Many of those who turn up with the discounted tickets can be seen walking about during the game and heading down to the TV areas to see how other teams are getting on, not in the slightest bit interested in how our match is going.

 This is all wrong. There should be a set price for all tickets and any loyalty discount should only be offered to season ticket holders.

Mick The Pen Brown

A wartime treasure

SUNDERLAND’S First and Second World War acoustic mirror (also known as a listening ear) can be found on Fulwell Quarry, behind the VW Pullman garage.

 Acoustic mirrors were built as early warning devices and were situated around the British coastline, with the aim of detecting enemy aircraft by the sound of their engines.

 Both Britain and Germany had these, although the British system was used more successfully. Around 10 or more of these mirrors can be found dotted arround the east coast of the British Isles.

 Maybe Sunderland City Council could find the money, or apply for a lottery grant, to have it relocated to a more prominent position, like the seafront, so that more people would be able to see it.

 Next year is the centenary year of the First World War – 1914 to 2014.

Mark Dalton

Club site an eyesore

THE site of the former Ford and Hylton Club, which was sold by the council, has become a dumping ground for fly-tippers and is attracting rats.

 The developer should be made to remove these items. I have contacted the council to no avail.

 Councilor Watson this is your ward. Any chance of helping out?

Kevin Stoker