Letters, Thursday, October 23, 2014

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Let’s cheer our team on to win

AFTER Sunderland’s appalling 8-0 defeat it would be so easy to launch a barrage of criticism.

 Yes, the players deserve to be reprimanded but at the end of the day, we all love our club, and come Saturday we will still be cheering them on.

 There are two ways we can look at this defeat, we can give our full support, or we can boo them on to the park and undermine their confidence, resulting in more defeats.

 I always believe in giving my full support through the hard times and the good times, though it has appeared to be more of the hard times in my lifetime.

 The real test is how they respond to an awful defeat.

 They have to go out to try to repair the damage on Saturday against Arsenal, one of the top sides in the Premiership.

 This Sunderland squad has the potential to beat top teams. Look at last season, we were dead and buried, relegation was looming.

  However, Gus Poyet and his team performed miracles. We beat top clubs, Manchester United and Chelsea in their own backyards. We went to Man City, and were only minutes away from beating them to earn a 2-2 draw against the eventual winners of the Premiership.

 And what a fantastic day we had at Wembley last march. We packed out Wembley and took over London, showing the nation we have the best supporters in the land. It ended in defeat, but it was still a great achievement to reach the final.

 To those calling for Gus Poyet’s head, remember we were all singing his praises last season. Give him a chance and time to turn it around.

 I know some fans are angry, but let’s pack the Stadium of Light, let’s make the loudest noise the Stadium of Light has ever heard. Let’s play our part in the fightback.

 The players know what they have to do – they must repair the damage that has been done, and restore some pride on Saturday. Go out and beat Arsenal, and make your supporters proud once again.

Clive Lee,


It’s time meters were obsolete

I READ with interest the article about forgetful shoppers turning otherwise law abiding citizens into criminals by leaving change behind at self-help tills (Echo October 15).

 A police Superintendent said in the article “often people think they’ve just come across some lost cash, but it is a criminal offence. It’s money that does not belong to them, it is theft by finding.”

 If that is the law, why is it that some parking meters do not give change? Some even have a notice on stating that fact.

 We do not live in the stone age, I can speak to someone on the other side of the world, while travelling on a bus or a ship out at sea.

 So why it is legal and lawful for these ‘obsolete’ parking meters to be used in this day and age.

 More to the point why were they ever made legal in the first place?

R Tomlinson,