Letters, Thursday, October 16, 2014

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Job promises are not all they seem

I READ the recent article (Echo, October 3) about Paul Stafford, employer relationship manager, saying how great the Sunderland College job service is.

 Where are these 20,000 festive jobs in the region coming from?  

 From my own personal experience of jobseeking, while unemployed a little while ago, it was very difficult to find a seasonal or festive job as the demand outstripped the number of vacancies available.

 I was required to attend the college’s employability two-day course at the behest of the jobcentre – a completely waste of time.

 We were told about that there are great opportunities in Sunderland such as new jobs at Tesco and Sainsbury, as well as KFC. As if these menial jobs are great for anyone’s career?

 There was no mention of opportunities at Liebherr, IT businesses and Nissan, nor self-employment with advice, grants and support available.

 I felt people were not being taken seriously, merely passing time. The course I attended seemed patronising.

 On a positive note, I eventually got an office job with a national company through my own efforts, hard work, initiative and solely on my experience and merit.

 Many of these employment initiatives are a total waste of taxpayers’ money and are not fit for purpose. People who are serious about getting a job will find one when they put the effort into it themselves.

W Grimes

Mind the rats

SOMEONE needs to do something about the rat problem at University Station on the Metro system.

 I realise that the infrastructure of railways, pipes, troughs, ducts etc are a haven for vermin, but, I’m not talking about a subterranean store, I’m talking about walkways and accesses onto two of the main arteries into the City (Durham Road and Chester Road).

 You see them walking alongside the wall and bushes on the Chester Road side – like an extract from a James Herbert book.

 If something isn’t done shortly, we’ll have the grotesque situation of rats boarding the train (already on Youtube).

 It’ll no longer be ‘mind the gap’ but ‘mind the rat’.

 I would also like to ask the Student’s Union to educate their members in the art of disposing of takeaway boxes, wrappers etc. Telling people to put them in the waste baskets might be a bit played out now – the longtails have been seen inside.

 This needn’t cost a king’s ransom. Apparently, ratting has earned cult status as a sport in certain areas. Having gained permission for access, the lads turn up with their terriers and or lurchers. There then follows half an hour of carnage, then you just sweep up all the dead rats. Problem sorted. Just a thought.

 Meanwhile, the sightings of rats on Chester Road, especially early in the morning, are of biblical proportions.

 So, Nexus or Sunderland City Council, do something about it. John Potts,

High Barnes