Letters, Thursday, November 6, 2014

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Allegations need to be challenged

RECENTLY an article in the Echo regarding the sale of a prime development plot on the Roker seafront gave a summary of how controversial the deal had become.

 It beggars belief that unsubstantiated allegations of corruption against the council have not been challenged against the council, have not been challenged in a court of law where, if found guilty, the defamation of character would be dealt with severely.

 The council, at great expense, employ a chief executive whose main job is to keep the council within the law on all business matters.

 It would clear the air if he could make a public statement on this matter.

 The Tory opposition leader has sighted the crux of the distrust, which is the valuation report, and what he’s said would qualify as a vote of confidence.

 So this issue is no longer restricted to a small number of Labour councillors. Therefore there is no reason why the council should be using the law to refuse to give the public information.

 I’m of the opinion that it is necessary to make the valuation report public. Not to do so could well damage the excellent reputation of our Labour council.

 Remember the old saying “there is no smoke without fire”.

 That fire needs extinguishing to remove any doubt from the voters mind.

 To ignore this good advice could mean the finger of suspicion would continue to point at Labour.

W Quinn

Council needs to act over misuse

THE report in the Echo on October 28 on the first two people convicted of blue badge fraud in Durham was welcome.

 However, the first paragraph of your report was misleading, implying the prosecutions were brought by Sunderland City Council, rather than Durham County Council. In fact, Sunderland Council has never prosecuted anyone for this crime, as it has admitted in response to Freedom of Information requests.

 Genuine blue badge holders are tired of seeing clearly fit people put badges on their windscreens then literally run to nearby shops or other facilities.

 To avoid further embarrassment, Sunderland should get its

act together and be seen to be enforcing much-needed blue

badge regulations.

David Crowley,

Blue Badge Protection Group

Money for rubbish

CAN anyone tell me why we pay more than £700 to Sunderland City Council a year when we end up having to pay extra for rubbish to be removed and for replacements of wheeled bins?

 The weeds on paths are so terrible that I have been clearing them myself.

 Yes, we need to pay for police and firemen but the rest – confused.

Angela Roberts

Roadwork deadline

I HOPE that the St Marys Way project is finished before the 2018 Tall Ships come to Wearside.

 Hadrian’s Wall was built quicker!

John (the pun) Watson