Letters, Thursday, November 13, 2014

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Tories ordered the hospital inquiry

IN a letter – NHS understaffed and underpaid (October 27) – the writer quoted, or I should say misquoted, from Sir Bruce Keogh’s 2013 report into the NHS.

 The writer claims Sir Bruce, in his report for the NHS on 14 hospital trusts, said: “There was an inadequate number of nursing staff.”

 What the Medical Director of the NHS actually said was: “The data analysis alone did not show nursing levels on wards as being a particular problem in eight of the 14 hospitals.”

 Where problems were identified the report stated: “The fact that some hospital trusts are operating in geographical, professional or academic isolation, this can lead to difficulties in recruiting enough high quality staff, and an over-reliance on locums and agency staff.”

 However, the main point is that the writer conveniently forgets Sir Keogh’s words that it was the “harrowing accounts set out in the Francis report into the shockingly high death rates in the Mid Staffs NHS Trust” which triggered his investigation. All of which took place under the last Labour Government.

 The report said: “A number of the trusts have been undergoing mergers, restructures or applications for Foundation Trust status and may have needed to make significant cost savings. These issues may have diverted management time and attention from focusing on quality.”

 Sir Bruce said of this shambles under Labour: “This was a key factor raised in the inquiry into problems at Mid Staffordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.”

 Finally, Labour ignored 81 requests for a Mid Staffs public inquiry. The Keogh Review would not have happened without the Mid Staffs public inquiry ordered by this Conservative Government, which exposed systematic failure in the NHS.

Bryan Reynolds,

Middle Herrington

Make them pay

I WOULD like to comment on two articles in the Echo (November 3).

 Firstly, the present law courts are antiquated buildings, more thana 100 years old, just go ahead and build the new ones and the idiots who appear there over the next 100 years will pay for it in fines.

 Secondly, npower takes out a two-page advert telling us how much they care about people keeping warm this winter. What a load of bull. With wholesale gas prices at their lowest for years why not just cut their prices?

Mr D Robe,


Not for the workers

AT a time of austerity, when ordinary people are feeling the pinch and are not getting a pay rise, our three Labour MPs have just given themselves a 10 per cent rise.

 For four years, after the election, they seem to have gone into hibernation and you never hear from them.

 Then suddenly near election time they wake up and expect us all to vote for them.

 It is surely time to give these three a kick up the backside and vote UKIP at the next election as we are sick of being taken for granted.

 Labour is not for the working class any more.

Mr C,

High Barnes