Letters, Thursday, November 13, 2013

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Short-term policies failing this country

THE CBI has just realised that politicians play politics with the critical issues of the day and are prone to adopting short-term policies to glean votes.

 How perceptive of it.

 Moreover, it lectures our MPs, telling them to stop hounding bankers, privatised utilities moguls and public company directors just because they pay themselves 100 times more than the average.

 A poll indicated that half the members of the CBI thought the EU was not worth the trouble, and the other half thought that we couldn’t survive outside of Brussels.

 To mention only two of many monumental miscalculations, in the 1980s the CBI claimed that the European exchange rate mechanism was a must. Thatcher swallowed the bait with disastrous results. The currency speculators almost bankrupted us.

 Unerring in their fallibility, the 1990s heard them proclaim that every day we stay out of the Euro, we invite disaster.

 Now the CBI aims to coerce the Government to embrace immigration and get closer to the EU.

 “We need the skills from abroad because there is a skill shortage here and we depend on Europe for trade,” say these captains of industry.

 Well they would, wouldn’t they?

 What they really want is a readymade labour market overflowing with people to drive wages down, which in so doing will increase the number of Brits on the dole.

 Interestingly, already 680 000 EU workers draw benefits here.

 Surely, it is the function of the Government and CBI to train and prepare the indigenous population for the challenge of growing the economy, instead of adopting a half-baked, short-term policy to import cheap labour.

 A successful economy is not one that makes huge profits for the directors and shareholders in the shortest possible time. It is one which achieves optimum benefits for the majority of the electorate over the longest period.

 A typical example of CBI attitude is the boss of a large employment agency taking a whole page in a Sunday newspaper to claim the virtues of free movement and increased immigration, simply to further his business. Hospitals, housing, transport, schools and energy are in crisis because of overcrowding.

Yet, while immigrants pour in at the rate of a new city every year, the CBI think one of the nation’s great threats is upsetting a gas man by asking him to take only half of his £3million salary.

Denis Gillon

Playing on fears

MAY I suggest Wesley Crossland reads my recent letter on climate change again.

 I referred to those not convinced that ‘man-made global warming’ is a myth to YouTube documentaries on The Great Global Warming Swindle, where one can see and hear the scientific proof of how politicians have blatantly lied and twisted the truth by instilling the fear of man-made global warming onto the masses.

 This has resulted in fuel poverty and unemployement for millions, as manufacturing is driven away from the West and a blight on our land and seascapes with useless wind farms.

 The EU (and Sunderland City Council) still makes climate change their top priority, despite scientists predicting we are in for a 15 to 30-year global cooling period (according to Nasa, the northern ice caps are now increasing 25 per cent year on year).

 Kenneth Maddison’s comment on my letter is correct when he states: “Climate change is caused by the change in position of the equinoxes of the earth in its position during its orbit around the sun and its effect and of the moon on the earth”. History tells us the Romans made wine from grapes in the North of England and the Elizabethans used to skate on the thick ice of the Thames.

 My reference to Nigel Farage was simply to alert people of the North East that he is the only politician in this country who speaks out against this great swindle and that he’ll be in Tynemouth on Saturday.

 Mr Crossland’s derogatory comments about Mr Farage, who unlike other political party leaders, had a proper job for many years and is still in touch with the man in the street, are an insult to the hard-working people of the North East who support and vote UKIP.

Kay Rowham

Passport scam

PEOPLE surfing the internet for passport information are being conned into applying to unscrupulous websites charging £70 to provide information and application forms.

 One site has a Crown along with the word ‘Official’ on its application form, which indicates to the unwary that the forms are official – they are not.

 Several people in the North East have reported that they were under the impression that they were going to get a passport or a renewal but all they got was a form, which they could have got free from a Post Office or the Home Office.

 Those who protested, saying that they wanted their money back were disappointed as the practice employed by these questionable websites is not acting illegally.

Coun George Howe,

Fulwell ward

Shameful cowards

THE liberal anti-poppy brigade makes me sick to my stomach.

 Everyone is free to choose to wear a poppy or not – freedom is what our ancestors fought for.

 Do these mealy-mouthed little toads, who take an active stance against it, not realise that all their beloved Jewish, gay, disabled and other oppressed minority friends wouldn’t be here today had our grandparents not gone to war against Hitler?

 These shameful cowards should learn some history and find out what the poppy stands for before they besmirch it.

Charlotte Wilkinson

World’s gone mad

So the dark nights are here which means only one thing – Christmas is coming.

 How I hate Yuletide. It’s not that I am a Scrooge – it’s just I cannot stand receiving Christmas cards from people I see every day. What’s the point?

 Then there is the carol singers – the majority of them sing out of tune and it’s the same old tunes – Away in a Manger and Oh Come All Ye Faithful.

 It’s almost like begging, knocking on folk’s doors expecting a handout for a couple of lines of a hymn.

 There is so much hypocrisy at this time of year and it’s so commercialised.In the old days, children were happy with an orange or an apple. Now the only apple they want is an iPad.

 The world’s gone mad. Christmas is out of control.

Mick The Pen Brown

A wonderful surprise

WHAT a wonderful surprise, when opening the Echo on November 6 to the Retro pages, to see a picture of our late mam at work in the fields hand planting potatoes with her friend Doris Douglas on the farm they worked on.

 It was a picture we had never seen before – so what a surprise.

 We would like to thank the reporter who sent us a copy so that we could send it on to our brother and sister in Devon and Australia to give them the same surprise.

 So thank you, Sunderland Echo.

Anne and Jean Frost,

Springwell Estate

A laughing stock

THE police and this plebgate affair is time wasting.

 The border security catch illegal immigrants and then let them go.

 Now we are letting a terrorist escape dressed up as a woman.

 I say let’s get rid of the police and let nuns be in charge. We must be the laughing stock of the EU.

T Watson,