Letters, Thursday, November 10th, 2011

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Club must rethink plan to move seats

I HAVE received a letter saying my seat at the Stadium of Light may have to change. As a supporter of 50 years standing, I think this is shoddy treatment.

Is the club crazy, thinking to move visitors to the North Stand?

The North Stand is traditionally the home end. To put visitors in the upper tier is asking for trouble.

The South Stand is ideal for visitors. Access is available by bus direct from the roadway with a broad outside concourse. Proximity to the police control and south access tunnel makes crowd control easier. Visitors are easily segregated from home supporters.

Moving to North Upper has none of these advantages.

Access by bus would be very difficult due to proximity of Aquatic Centre and narrow external concourse. It would be impossible to separate home and away fans and very difficult to police an upper area with limited access and emergency routing.

Such a move will antagonise the most loyal SAFC supporters, with what benefit to the supporters themselves?

Is the proposal not just to mask the empty seats in the South Stand shown on TV?

Better benefit to the supporters would be to address the problems of overcrowded internal concourses (even with current modest gates) and improve access to bars and refreshment facilities. It is often impossible to get served during the half-time break, so people can be out of their seats 10 minutes either side of half-time or the club loses revenue.

I think SAFC management need to reconsider this move.

John Graham

Car parking idea

MY grandson has just started a job in the Bridges shopping centre. Now he finds out he cannot park his car at the back of where he works. He has to park his car over a mile away at a friend’s house or he will have to pay over £40 a week. How can he afford to pay that kind of money out of what he gets a week?

I think they could make that old Vaux site into a car park for people that work in the city centre – maybe only charge them £1 a day with some sort of pass. Remember, this old Vaux site has been like that for years.

I hope that somebody sees this and gets off their backside and get something done about it. No doubt they will have their nice little parking space at the civic centre, free of charge, and to hell with the rest of Sunderland.

Remember, it was councillors that got rid of the town hall clock, and now we have not got one at all. The one on the top of the church has not worked for about two years.

G. Ellis, Gleneagles Road, Grindon

No to bailout

ALL Eurozone countries were surviving on their own. Now we have an expensive money-wasting extra tier of government, the EU, trying to tie all nations together with no success.

The Cannes summit cots £1million in expensive hotels, some costing £32,000 per night – I kid you not – and it was a complete waste of time.

The truth is that all countries should go back to their own currencies and governments. However, because of the fiasco of the EU’s attempt to create a United States of Europe, even this will cost trillions of pounds.

The UK must not give any of our money to bail out the Eurozone. It would be a complete waste of our time and money.

Mrs M. Matthews. Aiskell Street, Sunderland

Stand up to EU

ONCE again David Cameron tries to fool the British people by telling us the Government won’t pay any more money to bail out the Eurozone with taxpayers’ money.

Then he says he will put millions into the IMF which in turn will put money to bail out the Greek economy. (A payment through the back door).

Meanwhile we at home are told to tighten out belts, work until we drop, lose pensions we have saved for years, so our masters in the EU can swan around like millionaires.

If this is Cameron’s idea of a big society (“we are all in this together”), he will find out come the next election that he is not in it at all and can say goodbye to another term in office.

We have had enough of his broken promises, spin and U-turns. It’s about time he showed some backbone and told Nick Clegg who is in charge of this Government. That is why the Tory party were elected and not the Lib Dems.

If he can’t do that he should step down and hand the leadership over to someone who is not afraid to speak out against the EU (Germany and France) and speak up for the rights of the British people, who have been ignored for far too long.

Cameron is getting more like Tony Blair every day.

D. J. Wright, Appley Terrace, Roker, Sunderland