Letters, Thursday, May 9, 2013

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Oh, it was good to be beside the sea

OH! What a good idea the refurbishment of the seafront is. Who woke up the council?

 Suddenly, it’s been decided to make Roker and Seaburn look like seaside resorts.

 Some bright spark came up with the idea of spherical pods – small shops on the seafront. I remember these in my youth as twelve foot square huts (permanently sited) along the seafront.

 There were three or four – sweet shops, candy floss, pop, Gypsy Rose etc. They lasted many years, even with all the chip shops and ice-cream sold elsewhere.

 It wouldn’t surprise me if some councillor thought it a good idea to have a motor boat lake with all the open space. Maybe a proper set of illuminations each year with displays in Roker park, a ride on the elephant, a water tap in the boating lake, a grotto in the park for the kids, a huge firework display on the beach, maybe some wooden pontoons into the sea and boat rides around the bay.

 Sorry, I was remembering how it used to be, with crowds of people enjoying it all until late at night, and a bright, topless buses running along the coast, like the English football teams use – just a memory.

 Who on our council could be so far sighted?

John Stott,


Theft a disgrace

I READ with interest the remarks made by J Murch, of Seaham, regarding the miners’ strike and Queen Maggie’s silver shilling in enhanced production payments.

 He said they hid behind the no vote. These leaders met behind closed doors with Mrs Thatcher’s representatives. What went on only those people involved know – beat the miners at all costs, money no object.

 I don’t know if J Murch is aware of the following: A Neil Greatrex, president of the Union of Democratic Mine Workers was never off the television, calling on miners and leaders at the time of strike.  On April 3, 2012 (BBC Ceefax page 118), the above gentleman was found guilty of stealing £150,000 from a miners’ charity fund at Nottingham Crown Court. He was charged with 14 counts of theft. Mr Greatrex was found guilty of stealing £148,628.83 from a Miners’ Nursing Home between 2000 and 2005, 2006. How low can you get, to rob sick and elderly miners?

 On Friday April 27, 2012, Mr Greatrex was jailed for four years. The judge stated sophisticated greed. He had spent some of the proceeds, £11,750, on a fitted kitchen.

 I have 35 years’ loyal service and had to witness the destruction of a once-proud industry.

 Mrs Thatcher no comment – to be involved with this Mr Greatrex, need I say more.

Derek Young,



What a daft idea

I AM a bit confused about a bus service.

 While waiting at Morrisons at Doxford Park – for 35 minutes I might add – a 13 bus came along, then went round the estates and came back as a 4. Then another 13 came along to Morrisons, it too went round the estate and came back as a 4.

 After standing so long we were a bit irate and reprimanded the driver. Then this lady said that when the 4 comes it changes to a 13. What’s all that about? Who thought that brainwave up?

 I bet they were sitting in some office trying to come up with something to do when they thought that one up.

  What a ridiculous system.

 All I can say is 10 out of 10 for daft ideas.

Ellen Mustard

Magic is my life

WHEN your readers read this, they might say to themselves, he’s just bragging because he’s taken it up for a hobby and they will be right – I am bragging.

 I don’t care because I love magic tricks. The reason why I’m saying this is because I hope young people will take up this hobby. It’s wonderful.

 In fact, there’s no age limit on this hobby – it suits young and old.

 Go on, give magic a try.

Edwin Robinson,


Such generosity

THANK you to the Echo for highlighting the break in at our Hendon Community Allotments.

 Obviously, we are all devastated at what happened, however, the response we have received far outweighs this situation.

 We’ve had so many people who have given us such wonderful donations, including tea, coffee, seeds, tools, plants, and much, much more.

 To all of you, thank you so very much. We are overwhelmed by the wonderful caring attitude of the people of Hendon and the Belly Dance Moves Girls.

 We are humbled to think that, although there are bad people who don’t appreciate what we are doing at the gardens, these people are far outweighed by the good people who can’t do enough for our community.

 Once again the bad is no match for the good in people. Many, many thanks to one and all.

Ken Stamp,

Chairman of HCA and

Friends of the Garden

Firms are greedy

FURTHER to the online comments in the Echo on May 2, petebogg hasn’t quite got it right regarding Greggs’ pasties.

 He states they have got smaller while prices have stayed the same. The change came several weeks ago, across the range of products – they got smaller and the prices went up.

 For a company to do this in the present climate of austerity is unforgivable.

 They still make a good profit before trying to take us for “mugs”. It’s called greed.

Derek Rose,