Letters, Thursday, May 8, 2014

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New bridge will be a disaster for city

I REFER to the report by Kevin Clark (May 2) headlined “£82.5m bridge edges closer”.

 What a disaster (if it ever materialises) this will be as we are informed it will still be a cable stay bridge.

 Sensible people are now well aware that a cable stay bridge design is inappropriate to the topography for the location chosen by the council to build the new Sunderland bridge.

 The fact that no building contractor could be found to undertake the work for the original design is proof positive.

 Coun Watson’s view is that “the new bridge will bring growth and infrastructure benefits and unlocking brown field land with its potential to increase growth, jobs and investment”.

 This, in my opinion, is devoid of common sense.

 The reality is the new bridge as planned, mid-way between the east and west ends of European Way, is utterly futile and offers no improvement to the road structure and infrastructure of Sunderland.

 This is not just a matter of the council’s opinion versus yours truly, the Tax Payers’ Alliance and Simon Bourne and other members of the institute of engineers, who all condemn the planned bridge plan as an unjustifiable ramp upon Sunderland’s allocated regeneration funds.

 The Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor (SSTC) is, in fact, an unnecessary, long detour which no HGV or car driver, cyclist or pedestrian would choose to use on a journey from the A19/A1231 junction to the city centre and docks.

 The New Gateway to the City is meaningless verbiage. Who needs it when there are Newcastle Road, Ryhope, Hylton, Chester and Durham Roads, which have emerged as direct roads to the city centre?

 The £82.5m is more than enough to build road bridges from what is left of the Vaux site to the Stadium of Light area, thereby providing connectivity with the city centre; and the Green route option, via the Metro underpass, direct to the A1231.

Ron McQuillan

A waste of money

HOW heartwarming, not to mention reassuring, to know that despite the savage cuts endured by the people of Sunderland in this era of economic hardship, the powers that be can splash out £80m to build a fancy bridge over the Wear.

 A sum, which we all know, will probably grow to twice that amount by the time it is constructed.

 We are assured this magic bridge will bring many benefits to the city – reduce congestion, improve connectivity, unlock brown field sites, which in turn will increase growth and have companies queuing up to invest in the area thereby creating jobs.

 Dream on, city boys.

 Truth of the matter is there are more worthwhile ways to spend such money.

 How about our hospitals, social, police or fire services and more social housing to name but a few.

 We don’t need a new multi-million pound bridge – just ask the people before wasting their money.

M Mcardle

Disgraceful state

SUNDERLAND is famous for its glass-making and is complemented with its very own, fantastic glass centre.

 If you happen to be visiting, travelling east on the cycle path, just follow the broken Lambrini bottles and dog waste, and like Dorothy’s Yellow Brick Road, you will pass the glass centre.

 On her journey, Dorothy could get away with her ruby red slippers, but I would advise that if you are walking in and around the cycle paths, make sure you are wearing work boots. The mess left by the antisocial drinkers and the ‘couldn’t care less’ dog walkers is appalling.

 The way you know you are getting nearer is that there are plenty of discarded lager cans that complement the glass – like one of Picasso’s paintings.

 All this and more can be found around the Fulwell, Seaburn and Roker areas.

 The dog walkers there are more upmarket so they put their dog waste into the black bags before they discard them on to the tracks or leave them on the trees like Christmas decorations.

 It’s about time the police got to grips with these people.

Ged Taylor,


Unbalanced view

GED Taylor is, as usual, lacking balance in his latest letter (May 6).

 He comments on UKIP’s leaders’ expenses as a Euro MP and writes: “You can take the man out of the Tory party, but can’t take the Tory party out of the man.”

 No comment from him that expense scandals are not exclusive to Conservative MPs.

 In fact, the only elected MPs jailed over expenses were from the Labour benches. They were Denis MacShane, Elliot Morley, David Chaytor, Eric Illsley and Jim Devine.

 To paraphrase Ged: You can take the man out of the Labour Party, but you can’t take the Labour Party out of the man.

Alan Wright,

High Barnes

There’s no excuse

THE recent announcements granting planning permission for even more building on green fields, leaves rational thought and democratic process in disarray.

 We have entire streets of houses demolished and greened over, waiting to be rebuilt, already complete with gas, electricity, water, and sewage supplied.

 Where we have little population growth, and actual shrinkage in the case of Sunderland, there can be no logical justification to destroy the countryside.

 Perhaps the ever larger political areas combine to remove such decisions as far as possible from the voters influence.

Doug Knox,


on behalf of

Sunderland Civic Society

Fly-tipping shame

I WAS appalled at the news of fly-tipping at the cemetery.

 There is never an excuse for this type of behaviour, but it makes me wonder if the fault is with the council.

 Collections now cost £15. I believe that this recently introduced charge has caused the increase in the problem of fly-tipping.

P Ross,