Letters, Thursday, May 29, 2014

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We will not fade into background

“IF Fulwell votes Labour, Fulwell will be finished”.

 These words were said by a Fulwell resident during Councillor George Howe’s recent successful re-election campaign, including a four fold increase in the Conservative majority.

 Fulwell did not vote Labour and Fulwell is not finished. Fulwell is very much on the front foot.

 The ward continues to benefit by having three dedicated, experienced, very hard working Conservative councillors.

 We will continue our most active ward involvement through weekly surgeries in Fulwell community library, resident surveys, frequent ward walks and street surgeries together with active participation in Fulwell Neighbourhood Watch and Community Association.

 We will not fade into the background until the next election.

 We have witnessed Labour councillors being disciplined, even suspended, for challenging the ruling Labour group’s cabinet decisions and the advice offered by civic officers.

 Conservative councillors expect to scrutinise decisions made in the Civic Centre; that is why you elect us. We will not be gagged by Labour when it comes to representing the views and wishes of Fulwell and any other city residents.

Bob Francis,

Conservative Councillor,

Fulwell ward

We need change

LABOUR is back in to run the city again.

 I am sure there will be massive changes ahead. Holmeside will become a great shopping area, High Street West will get some decent shops and great things will become of the Vaux site.Sunderland station may get done up and maybe get a bar and a toliet.

 I love Sunderland but our city could do so much more. Ukip has shown that people are fed up with these people telling us what to do. All parties claim to have a long-term economic plan but Ukip’s policy on Europe amounts to a ‘closed for business’ sign raised above the UK. You can’t trust David Cameron with the NHS – and you can’t trust him with Britain’s future – and Red Ed is weak as a leader. We need change before our city and our country is run into the ground.

D Swann

Ballot box fears

WHY was there just one ballot box for both the European and Sunderland City Council election voting slips at Barmston Village Primary School?

 These were being counted on different days, namely Thursday and Sunday, so surely should have had seperate boxes?

 The box was opened on Thursday night for council election so where were the European slips kept until they were counted on the Sunday.

 Were they safe?

Ken Smith