Letters, Thursday, May 22, 2015

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Best of luck to great friends

I WOULD like this opportunity to thank two people, who I call my friends, for all they have done at the Mill Inn in Seaham over the last two years in the pub – the karaoke nights, New Year’s Eve functions, Armed Forces entertainment.

 They do a lot for charity and for two people, they have gone beyond what is expected of them.

 Craig served in 4th Field Regiment and has just completed 22 years as a soldier. Shona worked for Education in schools. Shona’s son Connor has grown into a fine young man.

 We are all going to miss you very much, it just won’t be the same without you there.

 Whatever route your life takes, you deserve the best.

Paul Garnett,


Animal charity found homes

SADLY, after the closure of Rainbow Ark, the Hillside Animal Sanctuary offered help.

 They took horses, ponies, donkeys, alpacas, pigs, sheep and goats, and also animals that they were unable to home locally – 100 hens, cockerels and many others. It took two days to transport them to Frettenham, Norwich.

 This is the charity that helped Southwick Farm a few years ago.Their patron is actor Martin Shaw.

Elaine Robson,


Time to move with the times

I SEE another bunch of ‘nimbys’ were featured in the Echo protesting against the building of new houses in Hetton.

 I notice that, as usual, they are nearly all elderly – the age group that doesn’t like change for the better.

 They still want to live in the era of outside netties and tin baths.

 They also don’t want to spoil their little doggy walks. What a shame! Move with the times, man!

 It creates employment for local people and more housing stock.

 We don’t want to live in Victorian times.

John Watson

Boom won’t reach region

HERE we go again. Economy on the up, fuelled by low interest rates and a London property boom. Already the Bank of England says it’s a cause for concern.

 Before it reaches Leeds, the brakes will go on and the North East will suffer job losses. What’s new?

Les Scott,

East Herrington