Letters, Thursday, May 21, 2015

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Unhappy with Tory victory

I thought the reason the Tories won the general election was because of spin. Especially the part which ridiculed Ed Miliband as a geek and Cameron, with his conspirators in the right-wing press, did a good job in convincing many of the public that Miliband couldn’t even eat a bacon sandwich properly.

 My opinion is based on the Tory-led Governments record over the last five years. This evidence alone reveals Cameron should not be trusted to run a booze up in a brewery.

 Take the incompetent Mr Osborne for example. As Chancellor, he inherited a growing economy from Labour. Osborne ignored advice, saying he would do it his way! The result? The annual deficit stands at £80 billion, despite Osborne’s previous election pledge to balance the books by 2015.

 He’s also failed to reduce the national debt, which has now risen to an unbelievable £1.4 trillion! This financial whizz kid has overspent by £200 billion and borrowed more in five years than Labour did in thirteen.

 In his wisdom, Mr Cameron was so impressed by these figures he has retained Osborne as Chancellor for the next five years.

 I wonder if those who voted Tory gave any thought for the millions who are already suffering at the brunt end of Tory austerity and were praying for a Tory defeat. The Tories have already stated they will take more blood money out of welfare to the tune of 12 Billion. When this inhumane policy is inflicted on the helpless, without any real objection from the masses, it’s time to reflect on the moral state of our society.

W Quinn


Memories of Roker Park

I was walking through Roker Park early one morning in the spring, the branches on the trees were full of buds and the birds began to sing.

 The snowdrops, crocuses and the daffodils, pushing their heads up through the earth, showing everyone that spring is here and this is where we long to be, in Roker Park that takes you down on to the beach, on the shore of the great north sea.

 In summer the flower beds are in full bloom, so colourfully bright and gay. The leaves on the bushes and trees are fresh and green, it takes your breath away. This is the place I long to be on a summer’s day, in Roker Park that holds fond memories for me. In Autumn the leaves on the bushes and trees are changing colour if you please, there are so many different shades of brown to see, in Roker Park that holds fond memories for me.

 In winter the park looks so bare, but nature’s natural beauty is still there, so if you find time to spare take a walk through Roker Park, that takes you down on to the beach, on the shore of the great North Sea.

Wilf Matthews