Letters, Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Put people and their needs first

I SEE that the council is at it again, cutting grants to the Grindon youth project, which was praised by the police for keeping the young safe and stopping antisocial behaviour.

 The council also stopped a grant to the citizens advice bureau which helps thousands of people in difficulties, yet it still insists on keeping union officials inside the civic centre at a cost of £200,000 a year, also £1million on cars for a selected few favourites and a massive £26,000 on bottled water.

 When is this council going to start looking after all the city and not just the civic centre?

 We now read in the Echo that we have one official earning more money than the PM. It makes him one of the highest paid officials in the land and the city has eight more earning over £100,000 per year. It would take a lot of us city dwellers 10 years to earn that.

 We have had over 40 years of a Labour council and we are still in the dark ages.

 I hope when elections come around the good people of Sunderland remember all of these things. The city needs a change. We should have a council which will put the people first and not those inside of the civic centre.

G Liddle,


Not a protest vote

LOOKING bewildered and sounding as incoherent as ever, Cameron, Clegg and Milliband emerged from the “Farrage Barrage” mumbling about protest votes.

 One trick pony’s and actually admitting that they may have missed a trick or two themselves, they set about their theme tune, “Anything Nigel Can Do We Can Do Better”.

 Some otherwise sensible people are asking: Nigel is OK but will he be able to form a viable government? Are his votes merely a protest? Are there some very questionable characters in the party?

 Of course, he can form a viable government. Compared to Farrage, Blair and co in the early nineties, were virtually school kids, better suited for TV’s Children’s Hour.

 What is this rubbish about “protest vote”. When there are more than two choices in an election a protest against a particular party is expressed by an abstention so it naturally follows that casting a vote in any direction is a very positive action. As for questionable characters, compared with many of those who currently occupy the benches at Westminster, UKIP are veritable angels.

 Having ignored public concern regarding immigration and EU membership for years and now faced with losing seats to UKIP, a limp Labour Party and the contemptable Coalition have suddenly become sympathetic to public opinion. Cameron boasts about creating a million jobs but fails to mention that many of these jobs are being taken by immigrants.

 So are we about to see a wholesale swing in UK politics? Where a terrorist can be deported even when his wife is likely to be upset? Where a police woman is shown the door when claiming compensation for tripping on a kerb? Where ambulance chasing solicitors, who now prostitute themselves for a fee, are banned? Where quangos give advice freely but most importantly where the British Supreme Court does what it says and trumps EU courts in all matters British?

 The list of obvious follies in UK politics is as long as it is ridiculous but I suspect that in Nigel Farrage we may have found the one to start cutting it down to size.

Denis Gillon,


Kind gesture

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to the lady that helped my daughter after a road traffic accident at the junction of the A690 and Rainton Bridge on Wednesday, May 8 at 8.45am.

 After my daughter passed on her details to the driver with whom she had collided, he left the scene unharmed.

 However, my daughter was left shaken and very upset.

 A very kind lady stopped her car to help my daughter, comforted her, made sure her vehicle was safe to drive and followed her in her own vehicle until she got home.

 She took time out of her day to help my daughter in a time of need and I can’t thank her enough.

A very grateful mother

Proud trolley user

I READ with dismay a letter that appeared from Mick The Pen in which he stated that everyone is born with the same chance in life.

 He then went on to compare various groups who shop at Sainsbury.

 He practically called everyone who uses a tartan shopping trolley a second-class citizen.

 This is simply not on and an insult to the elderly.

 Many people, both male and female, use a trolley because it’s easy to pull and for those of us who cannot afford to go shopping in a Jag, it’s a godsend.

 I am a tartan shopping trolley user and proud of it. What’s it got to do with him in any case.

 I am convinced that Mick The Pen would cause trouble in an empty house. I know that his comments have upset many trolley users.

Ivy Landers,


Pay for your food

I REFER to the article (April 24) in the Echo about hospital food and the person complaining about it.

 When this person is paying for the food then they can expect a menu.

 When they are at home they have to pay for food, so why not in hospital?

 This person also said they spent a spell in prison and said there would have been riots if that food had been served.

 Well, all I can say is, if they are in prison they shouldn’t expect anything. It is not a holiday. They should be given bread and water then they wouldn’t be so keen.

Name and address supplied

Shameful state

I HAVE just visited Sunderland where I lived 40 years ago.

 I took my grandchildren to Backhouse Park and I was so shocked.

 I was taken back to when I used to go with my dad when I was a child. We were allowed to go into the big conservatory where there was a fish pond with big goldfish in it, and a bird aviary just outside.  It is so sad to see it all deteriorated. It was supposed to be looked after, after it was left by the Backhouse family to the people of Sunderland.

 What a disgrace, the way it has just been left to rot.

 A say day.

City visitor

Forgotten estate

I AM a person who pays my council tax, car tax and always pays everything on time.

 Yet what do we get where we live – a dirt track that leads to our houses.

 For years, we have put up with living in a demolition site when our houses were left to rot at the bottom of our estate.

  The only way we can get to our houses is through a dirt track.

 People who come to visit never think there are lovely houses at the end of the track – we can’t call it a road.



Lovely people

ON Wednesday, May 1, I had a nasty fall.

 I wish to thank the three lovely ladies who helped and more so the kind gentleman who bought me home. Thanks to you all.

 There are some lovely people in the world.

Joan Wilson,


Thanks for help

I WOULD like to thank all who came to my aid recently when my mobility scooter broke down on Church Lane ,Murton.

 A special thanks to the lady in the silver car who offered me a lift home

Tom Hall