Letters, Thursday, May 12th, 2011

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Time for rethink on speed bumps

I CAN’T believe how the local authority has ruined our beautiful scenic route into town with an “overkill” of speed humps (12 covering a short distance of 0.4 miles).

The wonderful sea views can no longer be enjoyed with everyone too busy bracing themselves for the onslaught of yet another severe hump throwing them from side to side.

The 20mph sign is a bit of a joke. Any driver would be lucky to achieve this because of the extreme camber which is enough to damage vehicles and is proving agonising to older, more fragile people.

For years attracting tourists has been one of the priorities of the town council, but these ridiculous traffic-calming measures are proving to be a genuine “put off” to visitors. However, at least they have a choice not to visit. The local community have not got this luxury and are unable to avoid this ill-thought-out waste of our money, done no doubt with the best of intentions.

I would urge the Highway Department to reassess their work with a view to making it more people friendly – eg fewer but more gentle humps. We are the ones they are there to serve.

C. Coulthard, Dalden Grove, Seaham

Seems familiar

ONE of the great English novels of the 20th century was Hopeful Monster by Nicholas Mosley. He was the son of Sir Oswald Mosley, but don’t hold that against him. Sons can’t be blamed for the sins of their fathers.

Here’s the interesting thing. In one chapter, set in the 1930s, a young man travels to an un-named industrial town in the north of England to take part in an archaeological dig. He arrives at the dingy railway station, makes his way along the main street, crosses the bridge over the river, and walks down to a Saxon church on the banks of the river where the dig is taking place.

What northern industrial town can he possibly have been writing about? His description of the place is very familiar.

William Crane, Langley Close, Washington

Big thank-you

WE would like to say a big thank-you to our family, relations, and many, many friends who attended our Diamond Wedding party, held in Mill View Club on April 28, and for helping to make it such a huge success.

It really was a brilliant night, and we would also like to say a big thank-you for the splendid donations to St Benedict’s Hospice, in Newcastle Road, which amounted to the £593.

Thank you so much and God bless you all.

Jim and Mary Paxton

Back to basics

I’M no politician but I’m capable of reading public opinions and statistics to interpret the obvious. The two most everyday spoken grievances one hears are: The Labour Government has left us in such a mess. I would say the greedy bankers are far more to blame than Gordon Brown.

The other subject is industrial spending cuts. The effect is counter-productive: demand and services fall, making it harder for business and individuals to generate an income. Everyone ends up worse off. Cutting spending is removing the foundations of recovery.

I only learned the basics of politics to qualify as a town crier, but I know in my heart we should get back to basics otherwise we increase the chances of yet another recession.

Jimmy Chambers, Rickleton Village Centre, Washington

Election thanks

I WOULD like to say a very big thank-you to everyone who helped, supported and voted for me during my UKIP campaign for election to Sunderland City Council in Hetton Ward.

By giving me nearly 30 per cent of the total vote, the people of Hetton have shown they feel it is time for a change in the way they are represented at local level.

Despite not being elected, I will bring any local issues you may have to the attention of those who have were elected. So please keep your eyes and ears open and let me know any concerns you may have.

Once again, to the people of Hetton, thank you very much.

John Defty, Hetton

I WOULD like to thank everyone who voted for me in the recent local elections.

Although the result didn’t go our way in Hendon, there is still a strong Conservative presence in this ward and Conservative councillors continue to work on your behalf throughout the city.

Debbie Lorraine, Local Conservative candidate, Hendon Ward

I WOULD like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who supported me in the local elections held on May 5.

St Chad’s Ward achieved the third highest turnout in the city – 44.6 per cent.

I would also like to give an assurance that I shall endeavour to help and serve the residents of the ward and the city irrespective of their political allegiance.

Coun Stuart Porthouse, St Chad’s Ward