Letters, Thursday, March 27, 2014

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Our city is out of date in every way

MY wife and I have just had the good fortune to take a mini-break in Liverpool.

 Thirty years ago it was seen as a dirty, run-down, violent place with no prospects.

 Now after years of vision and investment by the local authorities it is a vibrant, busy place full of great museums, wine bars, pubs, restaurants and shops.

 The waterfront and Albert dock etc are fantastic and well worth a visit.

 Then we have Sunderland – 30 years out of date in every way.

Neil Salt

It’s no way to live

THE letter written by Ray Findlay stating we live in squalor (March 18) is absolutely right.

 He was on about the rubbish along Millennium Way from the Wheatsheaf junction to the Stadium of Light and how what he saw would shame the proverbial pig.

 I have a house nearby along Southwick Road, at the back there’s a lot of wasteland.

 It’s full of rubbish – settees, televisions, furniture etc.

 There have been a lot of fires over the months, one of which was started right outside the back of the house only last week.

 So as well as an eyesore, it’s dangerous for people living along side it.

 So when is the council going to do something about it.

 There’s talk about building a Hilton Hotel near the Aquatic Centre.

 I agree with Mr Findlay, I don’t think it’s a good advert for people visiting the area, so until then we live in squalor!

S Allen,


It’s a big mistake

IN the letter written by P Nicol (March 22) they state what a disgrace it is that the council is to empty the bins on a Good Friday.

 The writer asks: Is the council trying to wipe out Good Friday altogether?

 I think that it is Christianity that it is trying to wipe out.

 Lots of places including supermarkets are open on Sundays.

 Slot machine arcades and bingo halls are open, even some turf accountants are open on Sunday nights.

 A few years ago the politically correct decided that we would be celebrating the Wintervill, instead of the Christmas holidays, the Red Cross charity shops stopped displaying the nativity scene in their shop windows (in case it upset other religions).

 But never mind, the councils and Government gave their consent, permission, approval to sell chocolate eggs the day after Boxing Day, so that’s all right then?

 It would appear or seem to some that England has a new God now – he is called cash.

 It is a mistake, a very, very big mistake.

R Tomlinson,


Looking for dad

I AM trying to trace my father Jack Reynolds.

 I have not heard from him for quite a while. He was last living in Shrewsbury Crescent in Humbledon.

 He is aged about 85.

 I know he has sister called Winnie, who lives in the Seaburn area, and daughter called Eira.

 If anyone can help, please contact me on 07817 665 197 anytime as I’m quite worried.

John Reyolds,