Letters, Thursday, March 15th 2012

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Who works for who in the city council?

A LETTER to the Echo on Tuesday, March 7, made the claim that the city council was working on behalf of the people of Sunderland.

As I venture out and notice the blatant long-term neglect resulting in local roads and pavements bearing a close resemblance to the Israeli occupied Golan Heights, I ask the question, what is the council doing with my and other people’s money, handed over to them in the form of taxation?

Little or nothing as far as I can tell. It would appear to me that coughing up £1,100 a year to have the bin emptied once a week is nothing less than a massive rip off to those of us who have no option but to pay up and get on with it.

 The people in charge of this city are not the elected council. We are governed by Unison and the rest of the dinosaur unions. They call the tune and our city council dances to it.

Those who find that hard to believe are in need of “having the scales removed from their eyes”.

Ron Metcalfe,

Warwick Drive,

East Herrington

Clipper round ear

ON page 3 of the Echo, Tuesday March 6 Echo, Councillor Paul Watson says, once again, how made in Sunderland has always been a proud badge to wear.

 So does Sunderland City Council share his views? If so why not wear a bigger badge and help save the City of Adelaide. Made in Sunderland, wasn’t it?

Come on you councillors, get a move on before it’s lost forever.

Mrs V Eastick,

Falkland Road,

Ford Estate

Spirited response

i see “psychic” Derek Acorah has rid the Hendon house of spirits (not the first scouser to rid a house of spirits).

If this man lived in medieval times, he would have been hung as a witch.

I think this man is as believable as the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter bunny.

John Watson,

Pensher View


Not happy or gay

OUR Methodist Worship Book (page 367): “A marriage ceremony is a formal occasion when a solemn, legal contract is made between a man and a woman”.

The Oxford English Dictionary (page 874) defines marriage as “The formal union of a man and a woman”; and one is constrained to ask the revisionary lobby what it does not understand about such an unambiguous statement.

 The omnipresent revisionary lobby must be careful what it wishes for, since it is itself guilty of unrestrained discrimination against large numbers of single people (especially between the ages of 65 and 100 whatever) who are already penalised by a grossly unfair tax system, an iniquitous council tax and unbridled innuendo.

 I wish to place on notice for the understanding of any “Liberal”, progressive politicians, that should this crazy white paper become law, I shall seek Counsel’s opinion as to how to gain redress for the discrimination penetrated against those of us who are single, celibate and compos mentis.

 Any dotty Bishop, trendy, lefty Methodist minister, foolish camp-follower, had better be warned; likewise Prime Minister Cameron, who may well find considerable conservative support slipping away from him, and his coalition partners, of this nonsense becomes law.

George Brown,

Sanford Court,


Release Tural

I am sure that Mick “the pen” Brown and the queue at Barnes Park Post Office (Letters, Friday, March 9) are not alone in rooting for Englebert Humperdinck to win the Eurovision Song Contest.

As “ The Hump’s” fan club will know, this year’s event takes place in Azerbaijan, but they may not realise that freedom of speech is in short supply in that country.

For example, the title of our hero’s 1967 hit “Release Me” is all too pertinent for Tural Abbasli, a post-graduate journalism student and youth leader of an opposition political party.

He is serving a two-and-a-half-year prison sentence for taking part in a peaceful demonstration.

There are also reports that he was assaulted by police after his arrest and since his arrest, several members of his family have been summarily sacked from their jobs.

Hopefully Mick and friends will be mindful of Amnesty International’s campaign to raise awareness of political repression in Azerbaijan while they are pinning their hopes on Mr Humperdinck avoiding the dreaded “nul points”

Steve Newman,

Secretary, Wearside Amnesty International Group,

The Precinct,



In a letter in Tuesday’s paper headlined “Rats to you all”, Independent councillors Sheila Ellis and Colin Wakefield were referred to as Liberals. We apologise for the error.